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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Stills--Halloween Costumes

This week our sunday Stills was all about Halloween, costumes mostly.  Buit also pumpins and ghost and whatever Halloween is.

This is a little later than I planned cause our internet wasnt working and I never got home till super late today but I had a fun time and an even funner costume.

We went out to Rosedale with friends and it was fun, not very busy, but I think I am too old to stay out all night any more.

I seen all kinds of costumes, from Miss Piggy, Mario in a gameboy, a tennis ball, witches, devils, fairies, bats, elmo, Charlie form the chocolate factory, and so many more.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Horses (and a cow)

Well Its been a while since I posted about my babies, they are getting so big and still so cute!  Dinero still thinks he is a baby, hanging around them all the time.
When we weaned, the horses got moved to the south winter pasture, but I moved them back to the summer pasture before we preg checked cause its easier to get the cows out of the winter pasture than the creek, they weren't very happy to be back in the old grass again, even if there is lots to eat out there.  George and Bailey kept staring at the gate to the other psture.
Jamaica is getting braver and braver, he will follow me around whenever I am out there, he still not sure if I he should let me touch him, but im awfly close.  Jazz on the other hand, won't leave me alone till I scratch her.
The other day I was out at Jardis and she has some people interested in Billy, so she asked if I would take some pics of him.  She doesn't like this one cause he has no hip, but I think he looks pretty so I included it too.
She prefers this one of him, Billy thought it was his easiest day of work ever, he just got cleaned up, saddled and bridles, his picture taken and he was turned out, it was funny!  he couldnt believe that was all.
And Suprise suprise, we had a calf on the 27th out of our yearlings.  Kinda a bad time of year for her, but it will sure be a big calf next fall!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun Times on The Rosemary Lease

Today I went down to help CCC and her cowboy move some more cows.
We took the Finnegan Ferry cause its been a long time since shes been on it, and her Dad never has.
It was a little foggy.
First we cleaned out a field they moved yesterday and only me and CCC found any cows.
The grass out there is pretty tall and there were many sandhills for cows to hide in.
After that, we moved all the cows out of that field into the field they will round up out of on Saturday.
It took us about 6 hours or so and it wasn't warm, but I never got cold.
Did I mention it was foggy?
These calves were pretty sure thier mommies were on the other side of the gate.
All in all, no better way to spend a day!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Birthday

This year for my Birthday, Neil asked me waht I wanted, kinda like he does every year.  Well this year I knew I wanted a one eared headstall, so I told him that and he just kinda looked at me funnay and said I dont know what that is.  I says good, and he was even more confused till I told him I wanted to pick it out.  he was glad of that since he had no idea what I wanted.

So last Saturday Charlenes friends from Saskatchewan were coming out for a saddle fitting at K and K Livestock and so I went down with them and picked out what I wanted, I was pretty sure before, but I actually picked the two ear one, which can be switched to one ear if I wanted.  I also got the matching reins.

After going to K and K, we stopped in Strathmore at Prarie Saddlery and Lammles because they were so close, and we saw Mario!!

He was sooo cool, and then he even posed for us to get his picture!!

After we got home, I rode Razz and she tried to buck on me, getting kinda cranky, but she got over it and it was fine after that.  I think I need to ride her by herself for a while so she gets out of the idea of stopping in the middle of the arena when someone else is working.  Shes coming along though and I do enjoy riding her, I just sometimes forget its been 8 months since anything has been done with her and she needs to get back into the working mode.

I rode her yesterday as well and she was a little better, not where I want her to be, but getting there.  I tried my new bridle on Gypsy and rode her in it and it looks so pretty on her, I will have to get her picture in it.  Shes coming along too, and its kinda fun to try new things on her and see what she knows.  So far, all I know for sure is she hasnt been backed in a while cause that had a lot of resistance.  And when I touch her with my leg she moves her shoulder, not her whole body or her hip, so we will work on that, but shes kinda fun to ride too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Moon

I LOVE the moon.

Really do, not sure why, but I always have.

So on Saturday night after we finished riding and the moon had come up, I had to take some pictures of it.

It was the day after the full moon, but in the pics, you cant tell, it looks full.

Some people say the day of the full moon people act differently, me I cant notice a difference and I dont think I do, but maybe I just dont notice if I do...hmmm.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weaning Calves

Well we got all our calves weaned and it was a really nice day and everything went well (almost, but more about that later)

We got 3 neighbors to help and Neils Dad came out and between the 6 of us, we got them all in.  I drove the truck with an oat bale on it and everyone else followed behind the cows to keep them moving in the right direction.  We got them in the corral and seperated. 

We cut out the steers and heifers and there are 70 steers to sell, we kept one back cause hes pretty tiny and wouldnt sell for much.  We cut out 25 heifers to keep as replacements and I orphan heifer that was small as well.  We have 70 heifers to sell too.  We did notice this year we had more heifers than steers, ussually they are more even.

We had corn chowder with sausage, ham and scallopped potatoes for lunch with cinnamon bunns for dessert.  It was very good and I ate too much.  After lunch, the liner come and we loaded the calves and there were too many, so Neil took down two loads in his sotck trailer.

We turned out the cows and me and Neils dad tried to count themout the gate, but not sure if we got the right number, cause we both had a different number, lol.  I try not to be the one counting cause I always get mixed up.  Of course as soon as we turned them out, they rushed back in to bawl at thier calves.  The yearlings were funny cause they didn't know what was going on and were just looking around and everyonece in a while bawl just cause all the other cows were.

This morning Neil goes out to check on everything and he notices one of the nice heifers we picked for a replacement was a steer, I guess we will take him down next week so sell.  So I guess we are only keeping 24 for replacements.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Stills-Trees

This Week Sunday Stills is about trees, more specifically fall foliage.  I have been waiting fo this for a long time as I have the most coolest pics I took one day in September.  Yes these are archives as right now our trees are bare, except for the lilac bushes and they are actually still green.

I got up one morning before the sun--not sure what I was thinking there!  and the sun was just peeking over the hill to the east, and it was making all the yellow and orange leaves look even more yellow and orange than usual.

And Unfortunatly I thought I had three others, but I must have deleted them from my camera before I saved them, and we are weaning today, so I dont have a lot of time to search for them, so this one will have to do for this week.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fence Fixin

Today I had a job to do, and this ws my tool.
(the quad)
This is what I was checking for
(missing staples)
And there was also some of this.
(broken wires)
Some parts the fence was in good shape.
(the wires are on the other side for the cows)

In some areas the grass was pretty sparse.
And in others it was trying not to turn brown.
And in some areas it was quite thick.

Some places it was easy to see the tire tracks.
(luckily they only go over this area once a year)

The view out there is very pretty.

I dropped of this from the quad.
(salt block)

Now its ready for my horses to move to thier winter pasture :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching Up

On Sunday I went to Calgary and everytime I go there, I forget
how beautiful the mountains are!

We went to a funeral which wasn't a funeral, more like a party and it was in this pretty boring looking building.
It was at the Calgary Golf and Country Club.  I had never been there, mostly because it was a private club and I am not a member cause I don't golf.
Its actually a gaited community, houses and golf course were closed in with speakers to get let in by.  Also no cell phones were allowed on the property, which would actually be kinda nice.

On Monday Gypsy and Razz got thier feet trimmed, and Gypsy has had a crack in her foot since I got her last fall, so we put a set of front shoes on her to hopefully keep it from moving so much and letting it heal.  Matt would have liked to put some epoxy in the crack, but he never had it with him this time.  I am not sure what the best way to deal with this is, but we will see whats going to happen in afew weeks.  She seemed  sounder right after, but after extended trotting, she was still a little sore, but not as bad as before.

I rode her again today and it was so much fun.  We took the trail out by the coulee, and it was such a beautiful day, we took an extra long ride, and Gypsy was pretty sweaty when we come back, but the good thing about that was I know my saddle fits her pretty good cause she was sweaty all over very evenly.  She was a little unsure she should leave the herd, especially when we walked right through the mares.  Although I was impressed with Razz, who was loose out there, she looked and looked at us, but didnt call or come over, so thats a great improvement for her.

Oh and on Monday afternoon, we gave a massage to Razz, cause her neck has been stiff for a very long time, and the farrier said her knee or shoulder was stiff  and didn't want to lift her leg very high.  She seemed to enjoy it, and after she gets her teeth done tommorow, she should be ready to get ridden again.  I cant wait!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Helping Friends

On Saturday I went to help some friends move some cows, we saw all the swans on the dugout and they just we getting ready to leave as I got thier picture.
I brought Bailey, and sometimes she (thinks she) sees something in the distance and has to look at it for a while to figure out there was something or nothing there.
After my bunch of cows was going through the gate, this cow thought she could hide behind the tree, but her calf wasnt that ssecretive and I seen them, lol.
My horse does weird things sometimes, there were all these trees on the ground and she decided we should go through them rather than around them, so she picked her way through them and never tripped or stumbled once!  not like earlier when I thought I was going over her head cause she took about 3 steps on her knees, but she made it up again.
She got a little concerned about the backbone, not sure that was supposed to be out there.
The cows moving the way cows should move, in a long line, almost single file.  They end to lose less calves that way, except this time of year when the calves are a lot less dependent on mom and dont worry aobut where she is untill she is long gone.
Linda on her pretty and old painted pony, Pic watching the gate.
And her Cowboy and his dog and Lindas dog on his horse Buddy on thier way to treat a calf.
We left the cowboy with the ponies while we went to get the trailer and they seen us coming!
It was a fun day, I dont always get the chance to do that fun stuff with my pony.