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Monday, October 25, 2010

Weaning Calves

Well we got all our calves weaned and it was a really nice day and everything went well (almost, but more about that later)

We got 3 neighbors to help and Neils Dad came out and between the 6 of us, we got them all in.  I drove the truck with an oat bale on it and everyone else followed behind the cows to keep them moving in the right direction.  We got them in the corral and seperated. 

We cut out the steers and heifers and there are 70 steers to sell, we kept one back cause hes pretty tiny and wouldnt sell for much.  We cut out 25 heifers to keep as replacements and I orphan heifer that was small as well.  We have 70 heifers to sell too.  We did notice this year we had more heifers than steers, ussually they are more even.

We had corn chowder with sausage, ham and scallopped potatoes for lunch with cinnamon bunns for dessert.  It was very good and I ate too much.  After lunch, the liner come and we loaded the calves and there were too many, so Neil took down two loads in his sotck trailer.

We turned out the cows and me and Neils dad tried to count themout the gate, but not sure if we got the right number, cause we both had a different number, lol.  I try not to be the one counting cause I always get mixed up.  Of course as soon as we turned them out, they rushed back in to bawl at thier calves.  The yearlings were funny cause they didn't know what was going on and were just looking around and everyonece in a while bawl just cause all the other cows were.

This morning Neil goes out to check on everything and he notices one of the nice heifers we picked for a replacement was a steer, I guess we will take him down next week so sell.  So I guess we are only keeping 24 for replacements.


fernvalley01 said...

sounds like overall it went well. The replacement "steer" wouldn't work as a butcher calf?

gowestferalwoman said...

that steer almost had a merry christmas and happy new year lol

Sounds like it all went down without any problems~ time to relax now :D ?

Linda said...

Hope you had a good sale today....we were in there and the prices we saw were HOT!!

Shirley said...

Just getting caught up with everyone after a busy week. Looks like you've had some good riding in, I love the ear cam shots from Bailey, she has such cute pointy little ears. I liked your early morning shot of the tree- I get up before the sun every day, sometimes I'm lucky to see a good sunrise, but usually the sunsets are nicer.

Shirley said...

Also meant to say, hope your calves sold well!