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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yaaa New Spur Straps

I have been up at the Canadian Supreme in Red Deer since Wednesday.  I have had a lot of fun up there.  Kinda makes me want to ride a cowhorse.  Makes reining look boring and cutting seems short compared to cowhorse which include cutting and reining and fence work.  I may have to get into that.  Hmm I think Razz might make a cowhorse.

While up there they have a trade fair and I have been looking for a set of spur straps since I got my Jeremiah Watt spurs back in April.  I finally found a pair I actually like, and they were at our regular tack store even.  K & K Livestock in Strathmore.  Fantastic store, I would recommend it for anyone. 

I think they lood good alone and with my spurs.  I like the full buckle that's engraved, but I didn't want silver, and i like its not a basket weave pattern.  I woulda liked some spots, but no place for them on these ones.

Jardi has been on the committee for the Supreme for many years and she is always looking for volunteers up there.  I worked the gate on Thursday for the hackmore cowhorses and today was in the reining arena entering scores.  I learned a lot up in that booth.

On Wednesday evening was the sale up at the Rimby Auction Mart and wow there was a tonne of people there and some REALLY nice colts. I don't think there was a colt there I didn't like.  $ different ranches had colts there, Anchor Y, Dynasty Quarter horses, Candlestick Ranch and Brundler Ranch.  Pretty nice bunch of colts.  I never bought the mare I was looking at yet.  They never sold her and want $1500 for her. I think I may make a deal on her, especially since I don't think she is bred this year.  We will have to see.  I met Gloria again and she gave me all the paperwork to register Jazz, so off that will go in the mail on Monday.


CCC said...

Nice spur straps! I guess it pays to be picky, the look really good with your spurs.

fernvalley01 said...

Very nice! sounds like a great weekend. Good luck with the mare deal

Shirley said...

Oh I would have loved to be able to go to the Supreme! I'm a Working Cowhorse fan too, it's so much fun. I'm hoping to organize a clinic here next year, I think Beamer could do it.
Nice spur straps; I love the trade show at the Supreme, there is so much to look at- so much stuff, so little money!