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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Skunk

This has been a very filling turkey eating weekend. On Sunday we went to Neils Mom and Dad's for turkey lunch, very good.  We left there feeling really really full.  On Monday we went to my Mom's for turkey and we also left there very full.  I'm not sure how we managed to stuff that much turkey in.  Whew exhausting.

While we were there there happened to be a skunk that was everywhere.  First we seen him hanging out at the bathroom door.

Then he seemed to want to eat the cat food.

Even when the cat came by he never quit, much to the cats dismay.

Then my mom fed treats to the cat and he still never left the bowl.

Then he went on tho eat the leftovers of Clint's Birthday Cake.

He was pretty cute, and amazingly real looking.  He actually was a golf club topper my mom won at a tournament in Red Deer a few weeks before. Oh and I just have to share this pin with you guys.  My Mom got it on our Disney cruise.  Its the cruise ship with Mickey's head (her favorite charecter) on top of it. 

All in all we had a fantastic thanksgiving weekend.


Ann Nichols said...

I know its a day late but Happy Thanksgiving! So glad you had such a nice time and that this little skunk wasn't really real! (But you had me for the first two photos!)

Rising Rainbow said...

Cute skunk. I love some of those golf club covers, they have such character.

Turkey sounds great. I can't wait until it's turkey time here only I wish I didn't have to cook.

I haven't been to Red Deer in years but hope to be going maybe next year. That would be fun. It's such a beautiful trip from here.

CCC said...

That is such a pretty pin. And the skunk reminds me of Stinky, now departed after the dogs chewed on him.

lisa said...

That first picture of the skunk had me wondering! So, funny! I can't wait for our thanksgiving celebration here in the states! Turkey sure does sound good. Just over a month away, don't know if I can wait that long now;)