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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching Up

On Sunday I went to Calgary and everytime I go there, I forget
how beautiful the mountains are!

We went to a funeral which wasn't a funeral, more like a party and it was in this pretty boring looking building.
It was at the Calgary Golf and Country Club.  I had never been there, mostly because it was a private club and I am not a member cause I don't golf.
Its actually a gaited community, houses and golf course were closed in with speakers to get let in by.  Also no cell phones were allowed on the property, which would actually be kinda nice.

On Monday Gypsy and Razz got thier feet trimmed, and Gypsy has had a crack in her foot since I got her last fall, so we put a set of front shoes on her to hopefully keep it from moving so much and letting it heal.  Matt would have liked to put some epoxy in the crack, but he never had it with him this time.  I am not sure what the best way to deal with this is, but we will see whats going to happen in afew weeks.  She seemed  sounder right after, but after extended trotting, she was still a little sore, but not as bad as before.

I rode her again today and it was so much fun.  We took the trail out by the coulee, and it was such a beautiful day, we took an extra long ride, and Gypsy was pretty sweaty when we come back, but the good thing about that was I know my saddle fits her pretty good cause she was sweaty all over very evenly.  She was a little unsure she should leave the herd, especially when we walked right through the mares.  Although I was impressed with Razz, who was loose out there, she looked and looked at us, but didnt call or come over, so thats a great improvement for her.

Oh and on Monday afternoon, we gave a massage to Razz, cause her neck has been stiff for a very long time, and the farrier said her knee or shoulder was stiff  and didn't want to lift her leg very high.  She seemed to enjoy it, and after she gets her teeth done tommorow, she should be ready to get ridden again.  I cant wait!


fernvalley01 said...

Love the new header.Sorry the trip to Calgary was for a sad reason, but sounds like it was a celebration of a life which is nice.The pics are all nice , but that last one is really special , did you take that while you were riding?

CCC said...

I want everyone to party when I go. How fun would that be? Not getting drunk party but like a birthday party. That way there would be two, one on this side and one on the other because I bet there is a party there when you meet all your old family and friends (and dogs) again, the ones that passed on before you. That's what I think anyway.

lisa said...

I sure agree, party rather than morn! I live in a very mountainous state but when I go home to visit (Illinios) it is nice to see flat lands too! Your country is very beautiful in its own way also! Glad Razz is feeling better! My Annie has an abcess in her right front hoof, so she is lame but she is getting better.

Janice said...

That Country Club does look exclusive. Love your riding pics. You guys sure have some unique scenery. Speaking of massages .....I think I could use one.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Nice. I wish a simple massage would make my mare sound again. sigh.

Funny how plain the 'party building' is. I always figured country clubs to be fancier. lol!

I'm glad you enjoyed some great rides. I'm making up for a lame horse, by just getting out on the trails with my own two feet. It's fun, but not as fun on horseback, but what can ya do...