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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Is On The Way

Yesterday I went riding the boy. We, no I, decided we should ride outside cause inside is boring and its getting cooler out so better take advantage of all the outside I can get. He was actually really good, i wasn't sure how he'd be by ourselves, but other than trying to eat the grass he was just fine. Even the noisy neighbor came by as we were walking on the side of the road and we turned to face her and she slowed down and he was okay with that, a little wiggly, but still good.

On My way home, I noticed how much closer we are getting to fall, I don't want to think its fall yet, but Dinero sure has a lot of winter hair. Here he is hanging out with Billy, and you cant see his winter hair very much, its mostly on his belly.

I also was trying to get some pictures for Rochelle of her foal for registration, and i keep feeling something behind me, and i turn around and this is what I see, Silly Pedro.

As I was driving home, I could see the changes in crops as well. The wheat was just turning.

The canola was still green but was being swathed.

The barley has mostly ripened, just the weeds were green.

The stubble fields have even been cultivated.

At our house, the oats were planted a month later, and they are still green, but pretty close to being ready to cut for green feed.

Even the prairie grasses, over in Dalum

And here at home have turned pretty much yellow, with little bits of green mixed in. (Mostly the sage is the only greenish thing around)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Stills- Figurines and Statues

This week we needed to take pictures of Figurines and Statues.

I came up with an Eeyore one made of crystal, that I got from my sister for Christmas.

And this Crazy Elmer from my good friend Rosie.

And lastly the garden gnome who's girlfriend got broken that we got for our wedding.

To check out more go to Sunday Stills.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh My!

Well the last few days have been busy again, I went up to Red Deer to watch Jardi and the two girls she is coaching.

We went to McDonald's for lunch and the girls wanted to pose with Ronald.

Then she got her picture with Clay Webster, and he pushed her horses ears forward cause she wouldn't do it on her own, lol.

The one girl got a National championship in the youth reining and the 14-18 reining,

And the other girl got a national championship in 13 and under reining, so that's all good for them.

Her Buckle was beautiful!

Her horse was so tired, she didn't even care about the ribbons, lol.

This horse had such a neat brand I needed a picture.

Jardi got DQ'd on Tuesday for some unknown reason, she said she never went off pattern and her equipment was legal, so who knows. And Friday, Shaken wouldn't do his lead change and so when he finally did she missed the small circle and she did the large on instead so she went off pattern. Kinda frustrating for her though. Here he is spinning.

Today was the Hayes Brothers Sale.

I bought Razz up there last year and I sure like her, but no money to buy a horse this year, but there were some pretty nice ones though. I did like that buckskin mare though.

Quite a few of the horses were started chasing the squeaky cow.

While we were there I got a message Neil got hurt while moving cows and was in the Drum hospital, but was gonna be alright. Our neighbor took him in and was waiting on him being released, so I headed home and he has a concussion/whiplash and has to be with someone for a while, so that's good. Except he cant go golfing today or tomorrow, but I don't think he will feel like it either. Since I got a ride up there with CCC and her cowboy, we interrupted their sale as well and they drove me home and we stopped to see their colt and I got this one between Razz and Jazz, kinda thought it was cool.

Friday, August 27, 2010


While I was out one day taking pics of the babies, I thought since they are mostly shed out, should get some registration pics taken.

So since the only horse I have received papers for yet is Jamaica, he comes first, might as well get him registered now.

First the left side.

Then the front.

And the back.

And finally the right side.

I think that's all I need since you can clearly see his markings in each of these pictures.

I think I am going to go up to Red Deer this afternoon cause Jardi is showing there and coaching two girls who are also showing there, so we are gonna go watch them.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blogger Trail Ride-The Way Home

Me and Charlene were gonna stay overnight on Sunday and maybe go fro a short ride then head home, but since it was a radio controlled road, and the logging trucks would be coming up Monday morning, we decided to head out Sunday night. Also it started raining as we left, so I think it was the right choice.

Charlene took some pictures on the way out, most are through the windshield, so they are kinda rain spotted.

The mountains look so different in the rain and fog than they do in the sunshine.

Still we took lots of pictures cause we knew we were gonna leave them behind.

The river we crossed like 3 times was so pretty, so different than the Red Deer River!

The fog and clouds were so weird in certain spots that they almost looked like smoke from a fire.

The river flowed into a dam where they were making power.

We went through the sawmill town and finally back onto the pavement after an hour and a half(we only went 50 kms!)

We went through the town of Frank and I told Charlene the story of the Frank Slide which she had never heard before.

We phoned around to everyone and finally got a hold of someone from the Claresholm Agriplex and kept our horses there overnight so we could go shopping on Monday since Charlene never had to work. We had a shower which was awesome! and the next morning fed the ponies and then went to Frontier Western wear and all I bought was a hat (which Eeyore is modeling for me, lol)

Charlene ended up getting a pair of Boulet boots there. We went and rode in the outdoor arena there and headed up the road for home. We saw the Cowboy Country Clothing store in Nanton and stopped there and Charlene found an pair of spurs she had been looking for forever, then since it was going so fast, we stopped at K&K Livestock in Strathmore (our regular tack store) and they had like 5 used Vic Bennett saddles! usually its hard to find a used one and they had one Charlene loved and it fit her and Ricky (we had him there so we tried it out) and so she went home and convinced Mike to let her get it early (she was gonna get it at Christmas with her bonus from work) so she went last night to pick it up, what a lucky girl but I am glad she got it, cause I woulda been awfully tempted otherwise and I really cant afford it this year but it was soo nice.

I just had to include the pic of Fly for CCC (and her cowboy!)

Ive been trying to figure out how to schedule posts and its not working, can anyone help?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trail Riding Part two

As soon as I got home I had to check out the babies and they almost finished shedding while I was gone! How crazy, I wait forever then go away for a weekend and they finish! Oh and yesterday I rode Dinero in for a while and Charlene was riding Rou and we went outside for my and his first time ever and he was sooo good, except he wanted to eat, but I never let him and he was awesome, even at the trot.

Finally after getting the tires fixed and everything ready to go, we got to take a ride. We went up some steep area into some really pretty trees. It was kinda fun until we almost got lost. The trail wasn't very clear, but Dave found the way out. No harm done, but Charlene was pretty worried for a while. Charlene and Ricky comin through the trees

Shirley's horse wasn't being very good, so she had a horrible ride so we headed back with a new plan for tomorrow. Janice (hiding her head) on Moxie and Dave on Buster

Bailey and Ricky were in the corral for the next night with all Dave and Janice's horses, who were mostly hobbled, but they just stuck together like glue.

The next morning after breakfast, we headed out towards the cabins. Shirley rode Beamer in the camp area and he was much better behaved.

Her and Dave headed out first and a little farther back, Janice and Charlene and me rode out.

Bailey was in heat, but was actually better behaved than she usually is.

There was a pretty meadow so we stopped and posed behind the mountains. Charlene and Ricky

And me and Bailey (with Shirley and Beamer and Tess in the background)

Dave on Indy and Janice on Maddie

When we got to the cabins, we tied up the ponies and had a look around. There were a couple cabins, a shower house, a kitchen all with a beautiful view.

Up the hill a ways was a corral and a really cool barn all filled with hay ready for the outfitters and guides to come up. Dave said they helicopter the hay in

They also had to helicopter the lumber in cause no roads go up there. Charlene had to pose in the barn, we both sure liked it.

The ride back was fun as well, Bailey had chipped a piece of her toe off and was a little sore, so was trying to go through all the trees and stuff. She was pretty careful about where she stepped so that was good, and she knows how wide I am so no knees in the trees, but not how tall I am, so I had to watch what was over my head.

Ricky was so good all during the I trip, think Charlene was a little worried about him, but she was very confident in him afterwards.

This is ending up being longer than I planned, but tomorrow the ride home.