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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cows and Bugs

I went helping move cows this weekend, and had so much fun!

I got so ride the super tall horse again, hes pretty good, but good thing there were salt blocks around cause hes sure hard to get on!

I think yellow looks good with pink on! (Some people think I think everyone looks good in pink)

On Sunday I brought Bailey over and never thought of it till we were out riding with the second bunch of cows, it has been since last November since I chased cows with her, but she was really good, better than ever before I think.

I think Bailey looks good in pink as well, but maybe not as much as a yellow horse.

I also got a bug bite from a horse fly or deer fly or something big (I squished it) and it was a welt, but I never thought anything of it until yesterday morning when I got up and it was huge and red, so I went to the emergency and spent 3 hours waiting for a doctor and she gave me a antibiotic, I guess it was infected. So at least I will hopefully get better in 24-48 hours.


Beth said...

Moving cattle is on my bucket list. I would love to take a week and work on a ranch.

That is a bad bug bite, OUCH!

fernvalley01 said...

Both horses are looking good in pink. Ouch that bite looks tender!

Crystal said...

Well Beth anytime you are up in this neck of the woods give me a call and we can move some cows, its so fun (when it goes good, lol otherwise its just work)

CCC said...

We always appreciate the help.

Shirley said...

I got a wasp sting on my elbow and it bruised up too- ouch! Not as bad as yours though!
I love moving cattle, it's good for horses and good for humans and dogs.