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Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Arizona

So thank you all for all the tips!  I need all the info I can get.  I have never bought property before so this is kinda scary to me (really scary actually)  And since I wrote that post I got an email from the Realtor on the mls site with and enclosed document on buying property in Arizona.  Lots of good info in there, she clears up a lot of stuff for me.  Like I do not want a pool, she says they are just a huge liability if you are gonna rent or be absent part of the year.  Which I am, the absent part, haven't decided about renting yet.  I wish I could attach it here, but have no idea how, although it should be possible it is an adobe document.

And so anyways the whole real estate buying process is kinda confusing to me although she does try to explain it, as far as I know here the Realtor does everything then the bank approves the loan and then you get a lawyer to sign papers (of course this is me who has never bought real estate remember so it may be slightly wrong) but she says no lawyers are involved an escrow agent is used (whatever that is!)  She also says not to look at short sales cause they take forever and often never do go through, so at least now I know what they are.  But apparently regular sales and foreclosures are easy and take between 2 weeks to 30-45 days.  So really not that long.

I have also talked to pretty much everybody I run into about it, apparently one of our neighbors just bought a house in Maricopa (with a pool) and spends most of his winters down there.  He just loves it.  And I know we have at least 2 other neighbors that have properties in the area as well.  I have heard all kinds of stuff and some of it I just throw out but most of it is still somewhere in my mind.  I have been thinking that this winter/ summer will just be a info gathering session and if gonna go for it it will be next fall.  I guess I am curious about water, and someone to watch it when I am not there, as well as whatever HOA fees are?  But am reluctant to ask the Realtor yet cause I am really not looking to buy yet.  oh and it throws me off when they list lot size in sq feet!  I am bad enough on how big acres are, But really square feet?  Had to Google them to change to acres, lol.  And an Arizona room, that just sounds odd, makes me think sun room, but I dunno.

On your comments, Ummm thanks LT for pointing out the distances  I never thought of all the traffic, and I guess I can not read aerial views cause I still don't see the power lines you are talking about (not that I doubt they are there, I am just not sure what I am looking for)  But I will definitely look at an area closer to where I want to cut.  Although to tell the truth I would probly be happy to just be able to ride, so I guess I need a place near where I can ride out.  Hard for me to tell what is too far away, to me they don't seem that far, but I also don't think of Arizona with mountains, even though I know that is not true.  Like I found some cool places near Show Low, is that far from stuff?  Or Florence and Casa Grande, even though it is farther south?  And seems like all the perfect places are farther away, although I am trying not to look at anything outside that area you and Cindy say.

Lisa, I am not worried about dry heat, that is what we have here all summer, and dry cold in the winter, so I am def used to dry,  lol.

And Lisa W.  if I go I will probly not take the hubby and if he does come someone will have to do our chores the whole time cause the cows still need to be fed and we are NOT bringing 185 cows down with us.  So no worries about stuff going on at home cause there will be someone here.  I would probly only bring 2 (or 3) horses down for a few months in the winter (4 or 5) if I could get away with it.  Neil has no desire to move even temp so that makes it a little harder on me and why I am so hesitant or I would prob be down there already looking at places.

Cindy, I am not expecting pasture, to have that would be awesome though!  I have looked on her website and yikes I found some places I really like!  I can see how this is gonna be harder to avoid than I was thinking ;)  And looking at the properties I guess I need to learn my geography a little better so I can know when looking at a place if its close to where i want it.  I will def ask more questions as this goes on.

And Janice I hear you, its the stuff left behind I worry about, both animals and property.....as well as snakes, sure don't care for them.

Well I have found a few properties I kinda like in all sorts of price ranges, so I guess when i go to look no worries on what I want will be available.  Kinda funny though how they put so much emphasis on the house, I am more interested in the property.  Not that I want to live in a dump, but gosh it sure dont need to be fancy!


desertsandbeyond said...

Show Low gets a LOT of snow! We love to go up on the rim during the seasons. How about near Payson? That isn't as high up on the rim as Show Low and it's a nice town...there are some horse places near Payson. If you like the desert, there are a LOT of places. We like Prescott and Chino Valley, but they get snow, too.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yeah, I just met a lady from Show Low. She goes to Tucson to escape the snow. I haven't been to Florence yet, but that's where all our county main offices are located. I was told that if I call the police, I'll have to wait for them to come all the way out from Florence. I drove through Casa Grande. Felt like a small town, but with a couple of malls and plenty of conveniences. But the town also seems to have been hit pretty hard by the recession. A lot of empty storefronts. I met some horse people from there too. My daughter was telling me about Payson before we moved here. It seemed like a good place for horses. Not too hot and not too cold, just up in the mountains a little ways. People have cabins up there. When looking for horse properties on acreages, we used the Pony Hut website. www.ponyhut.com

Shirley said...

Had to laugh at the last bit about being more interested in the property than the house- that's me too!
If you get a chance to visit down there this winter, go for it- it will give you a chance to scope out the areas most suitable for your needs.

Paint Girl said...

I obviously missed a post about you looking to buy in AZ! Exciting. I have been wanting to move somewhere warm and dry for so long. I would love to winter down in AZ. I love it there.
Good luck in your search!! I am sure you will find the perfect place and sounds like you are taking your time, which is good!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The image of you hauling 185 cattle down from Canada into Arizona just cracks me up. lol!

I hear ya on the dry heat. Being that we are neighbors with AZ, we have next to zero humidity most of the year. But our summer temps rarely get above 90F.
Dry heat takes on a whole 'nother aspect when it gets above 110 degrees Fahrenheit!

Feels like you're living inside an oven....hard to breathe..feels like your lungs are baking from the inside out! gah!


fernvalley01 said...

well clearly I have missed something, if you buy gonna take me with for a companion??? LOL Sounds kinda cool, but I am not ready to make that leap yet

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

When we get closed on our place, you can just come hang with me for a couple of weeks and get all knowed up about the area. ;-)

Heck...get your paperwork in order on a couple of horses and haul them on down. All I'll have is portable panels and some hot tape...but the perimeter is fenced, so we won't lose any horses in the desert. LOL.

I, of course, bought on the opposite side of the valley (on the way to Wickenburg) because it put me in close proximity to existing friends and areas of interest to me. But I used to live on the other side of the valley, so I am familiar with New River, Desert Hills, Cave Creek and Scottsdale.

Also, CutNJump lives over on the 'cutting side' of the valley and her husband used to be a cutting horse trainer...I'll introduce you and I bet they can fill you in on that whole scene.

Oh boy...This could be f.u.n.!!! :-D

Cindy D. said...

I have not lived in Payson but have been there many times. Beautiful country, lower crime rate, a little colder in the winter but not fridged. I have lived in Maricopa, and quite liked it out there, but it has also tripled in size since I have lived there. I do have a friend who just got a great place in Stanfield which is a stones throw from Maricopa. It is mostly very flat there, with some farming still.
I have not lived in Casa Grande but I lived in Eloy for several years which is sort of an extension of Casa Grande. Nice area, in fact I loved it there. BUT your options for income are very very limited in that area. The same is true for Florence, and Coolidge (all in the same area)
Since you haven't really been there, I would strongly suggest a road trip, once in the winter and once in the summer, and drive around some of your perspective areas to see what you like. The other thing I would strongly suggest is finding an agent to represent you as the buyer. I am very excited for you...what a great adventure you are embarking on!