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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Equestrian Challenge Day 12

Well after a long break I am back at it again.

Day 12- Favorite horse color

My favorite color.  Hmmm, I love a bay horse, so pretty.  But honestly since I have seen all these palomino and other dilute horses, my favorites are any of the ordinary colors, Bay, Black, and Sorrel.   I actually never realized this till I got Jessie actually.  Since my first horse was a Red Dun (as well as my second actually) and I have had lots of colors and am back to the plain colors.  Never did really like a roan or a grey and still don't really, not saying I wont have them cause have actually owned both, but still prefer plain.

Although I have come to believe a good horse can come in any color (and my favorite horse is a dilute but don't look it)


Marissa said...

Don't you love that?

In the end, its the horse and not the color that is what makes them beautiful!

Shirley said...

A good horse is never a bad color, so the saying goes.
I've owned many colors, and although I am partial to black I must say that for me the most eye catching color is a blood bay- that deep rich dark red bay.

lisa said...

I am partial to color and like paints but I really am getting to the point that I really have no preference, the only color I never cared for and still don't and that is grey or white horses. Other than that, if they don't throw me and buck me off I like them!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Like Lisa said. A good horse is any color that won't buck you off! lol!

I'm not a fan of Appies or Bays, but I do love a pretty tr-colored pinto, of course. But my favorites are the blue Grullas, and the buttermilk Buckskins. I'm also not a fan of greys, unless they are beautifully dappled. And black horses, although pretty, are a challenge to photograph and difficult to see at night in the pasture, so I don't see me ever owning one.