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Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Winter

I took yesterday off cause it was miserable.  And I did laundry and more laundry and more laundry.  I washed the regular stuff then the coolers I used at the vet and then all my summer clothes so I could pack for the cruise.  I store them in a rubbermaid for winter so they smell like plastic when I open it.  And then had to try on the stuff and decide what I wanted to bring.  But it was good and warm in here while it was cold out.

But today I headed  back and rode Kali again and she is getting more predictable as long as I make sure I ask for exactly what I want when I want it and she does it.  But I think riding her is more of a workout that my exersize video.  I realized today my abs are sore and I think its cause she is rather unpredictable so I am always holding my core solid in case she just stops randomly or turns or whatever she decides to do.

A friend come out who hadnt rode in a while and she was gonna ride Kali but she rode Jessie instead and will probly ride her while I am gone so that will be good for me she will get worked and good for her cause she wants to get riding again and Jessie is so calm its good to ride her.

I am getting the same "I dont wanna go away" vibes like I had before we headed to California.  Part of me knows it will be lots of fun and sure will be nice to be in warm weather for a while.  And part of me knows it hasnt been that long since I went away and I have so much else to do.  But I will go and I will enjoy it :)  We are going on back to back cruises and are stopping in Half Moon Cay Bahamas, St Thomas, San Juan Peurto Rico, and Grand Turk the first trip and Cozumel Mexico, Belize, Mahogany Bay Isla Rotan, and Grand Cayman.  I have been to a few of theses ports before but it don't really matter where we go as long as its warm out!  2 weeks is a long time to be away especially in the winter for us but the airfare is the expensive part so we are doing 2 cruises and it will be like 2 vacations at once with only one airfare.

The pics are of Jessie and Kali in their pen at the barn I board.  I tried to get them together, but Jess has been chasing Kali away and so they don't get to close unless they have too.  And this last one of the cats sleepin together on a saddle.  they were both sleeping until I got my camera out of course.


Louisa Valentina; said...

Wow! That vacation sounds awesome!! I hope you guys have an amazing time. :) I know what you mean about almost not wanting to go though... two weeks is a long time, and then you always have to come home to stuff piled up on the "to do" list - but hey! you'll be whittling away on your to-do list all nice and tanned.

Paint Girl said...

Your cruise sounds like fun!! I would rather be somewhere nice and warm too!! And for 2 weeks! Wow.
Definitely looks cold there. We just ended a 2 week long cold snap, which is so not normal for our area. I was actually excited to see the rain yesterday, and I am never excited to see rain!

4RRanch said...

Nice time to go someplace warm. But I don't see how doing laundry all day is taking a day off.

Cindy D. said...

Sounds like a great time...two cruises Wow!
I have to agree with 4R..a day of laundry is not a day off

Janice said...

Looks cold there. Boy now that sounds like a vacation. Have some fun for me.

fernvalley01 said...

Snotty nasty winter is just enough to kill my motivation, glad yours is better , the cruise sounds wonderful! I get that same ,eh I don't know if I should go feeling a lot, but it is always worth it