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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Tidbits

Well, Shirley asked if Gypsy will move her bum at a standstill or moving forward.  The answer was neither, not even from the ground.  Not sure if she was never taught or is just being stubborn, either way we will figure it out.  I tried from a standstill and she gets so anxious about me holding her head still she can't think of what I'm asking, so we walked in a tiny circle and I put my leg on her back cinch and she moved a couple steps, I did this a few times each way and it got easier for her, I'm hoping I will be able to ask her in a straight line one day soon.

I went riding yesterday, or rather tried to.  Charlene helped me lift my saddle on and I used a block to get on and it wasn't bad, I walked a long time and trotted for a few minutes but that was a little too much, so I just waked a little longer till I was cold.  It actually was my arm that was worse, when I put it forward on the reins it felt sooo weak, but I'm glad I went anyways.

It has been so frosty out here lately and I love to take pics in the frost!  I won't bore you with hundreds of them (even though I prolly could, lol).  I just like it when the ponies look so frosty.  You cant tell on Dinero though, he looks frosty all winter!

I got the side/end table that I won in a blogger contest and it is wonderful!  CSN stores are pretty cool, but it came totally assembled, so shipping was kinda expensive, will have to watch for that in the future. 

Our mail lady phoned on Friday and said it was too big a package for her to fit in her car, but I could come pick it up in Hanna anytime.  I am going today, so I thought that would be the day, but Neil went yesterday and he picked it up for me!  I'm glad, that meant I didn't have to carry it.

I have it all set up by my chair in the living room and its wonderful, the drawers keep the top clean (at least so far) and the shelves will be handy, and it has a magazine rack on the back which I didn't realize when I ordered it, so that even handier!
I also got a message from the guy who traded my Belgians and he sent me a picture of them working.  He said when he hooked them up this fall, they thought they were chuck wagon ponies for the first mile, but they settled and even took the neighbors for a sleigh ride, so that makes me happy, I'm glad they are getting used.

Its been a busy few days again and will be until after the weekend of the clinic.  I am going to the dentist and chiro today and if I feel up to it, we are gonna try the ponies on the mechanical cow.  I might have to get Jardi to ride Razz for that, cause I'm not sure I am up to going that quick with her yet.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds pretty ambitious, you be careful!! the table is lovely , and i hope you are feeling good for the clinic

Shirley said...

Nice table! Nice to hear that the Belgians are working for their new owner. I see the one even has hip bells, that must sound pretty on a sleigh ride. One thing you can try with Gypsy when you're feeling up to it, is some ground work- we do this with our colts, it gets them moving all their body parts: Using a long leadrope or longe line at least 12 ft. long, stand at their head and take the line over on the other side of their body and around the hip. then step back and hold pressure on the rope till they follow their nose and come around. They have to bend their head and neck, and move their hip, and cross over on the front- so it teaches them lots of things, and really helps with getting the hip unstuck. Susan from Rocking Seven Mile Ranch blog has a good post on it here

Linda said...

I love the shot of the Belgians. I agree with Shirley....start on the ground.

lisa said...

Nice table! So neat to see Belgians working, we have Amish out here and they work Belgians, and it is pretty neat to watch them. Lots of good advice from Shirley and Linda!


Nice table, I like your chair, is that a wing back chair, I love them I am looking for one , they used to be really popular but not so now and are hard to find. Love your photos ! Have a warm and happy day, PSSSSTTT take it easy with your boo boos !

CCC said...

Walking is good. You take care of yourself.

Cheyenne said...

Sounds like you HAVE been busy! whoo! Take er easy lady! That table is great...and I love that last photo-it was probably great to hear about those guys and see a picture of them too! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow! A sleigh ride in the snow. Those belgians are gorgeous. Must feel so great knowing they are being used and have a great job now.
You are on tough cowgirl geting right back on and riding. I'm impressed! You take it easy, though, k?
Congrats on the table. Very nice and useful, too. First thing I thought of when I saw that magazine rack, though: Hay Rack! lol!