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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Stills-Christmas Decorations

This week our Sunday Stills is holiday decorations.  I haven't put up as many this year as usual cause I been too busy riding my horse :) Here is one of my favorite homeade ornaments, Eeyore made out of a lightbulb.

I picked a few favorites from my tree  like my Eeyore holding a bell.

And my Belgian Horse ornament

And my turtle from the Cayman Islands.

And my new Elmer,  slipping off a ball.

And then I thought I would show a picture of my holiday village, its made of a puzzle and I have had it a few years, so I am thinking I would like to replace it one year with a real village.  Guess some Boxing Day shopping is in order, hehe.

I also got a pic of all my stuffed animals sitting on my sewing desk, that means no sewing over Christmas!!

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fernvalley01 said...

Such sweet decorations!!!it looks like you have done a great job decorating

Anonymous said...

Sweet. I love the Elmer ornament. :)

Linda said...

I like the village......I'm just too lazy to do much decorating.

Shirley said...

You have some fun ornaments, I like both Eeyore ones, and the Elmer ones; I have two of them.


Love them all ! We have a full Christmas village but have no were to put it this year, its huge maybe next year I will set it up! Have a warm and happy day !

DayPhoto said...

Love your eeyore ornaments. And your festive house looks really fun!


Anonymous said...

The lightbulb Eeyore is awesome.

gowestferalwoman said...

I agree- that Eyeore is the thang'!!!

Love your Christmas village - those are the kind of decorations that really make it Christmas I think...