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Friday, December 10, 2010

More Riding

Today Neil went to help the neighbor preg check his cows and so I went riding.  I rode Gypsy first and she wasn't as good as yesterday, but sure a lot better than she has been in the past.  I also rode with Jardi and Tangle so there was a few distractions for her nad me.  We figure noone has asked her for contact for many years and she is just wondering what we want, no trying to get out of work.

Then I rode Razz and she was pretty worried about the one corner in the arena, not sure why but she just kept staring at it, so while she was standing by it I asked her to flex her head numerous times each way and it took he many times before she would stand still and flex her head.  After a while we walked and I asked her to flex both ways and she was pretty good.  I got Jardi to massage her and she said there was quite a few stiff long muscles in her neck, so now she should be good and flexible when I get back to ride again.  Oh and Lisa asked what she was in before a snaffle and i forgot to answer (sorry Lisa)  but I had a hackamore/bosal on her from last year when her teeth were so bad.

This weekend we are going to go to Great Falls and go shopping!  I'm pretty excited to get a new pair of boots and the rest of my christmas shopping done.


Shirley said...

Have a grand ole time in Great Falls! 'Course, we'll get to see your new boots, right?


Have a great time shoping. of course we want to see your new boots ! Have a great weekend.

CCC said...

New boots? How lucky are you? Have fun.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for the answer. Do you think she goes better in the bosal or in the snaffle? I love the way a western style bosal looks on a horse, but have never ridden using one.