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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice

Okay, so I was thinking last night about all the different things I need to work on with my ponies and it all comes down to them both having the same problem, even though its different.

Razz tries to resist at the turn by pulling her head away before she gives and goes the way I ask, sometimes its such a small resistance I think I may have ignored it a few times, I will see what I can do about getting her to give right away.

Gypsy will resist by turning her head all the way around to her shoulder before turning her whole body.  She needs me to ask more with my leg as well, which she is pretty good at ignoring leg if she doesn't want to move, so I have to work on that. 

Makes me wonder what kind of holes my other horses have.  I know Bailey tries to push her left rib out when I put my leg on her, but she will give in and do it right after about half hour of riding.  I have rode her  so much, there's not much she wont do it I ask her which is pretty nice.

Dinero, I hope he doesn't have any holes yet, I only rode him a few months and I don't think i messed him up yet (not saying there isn't still time, lol).

I guess that's why we go to trainers and get lessons.  I sure am not perfect, although I do try;)

These pictures aren't really related to my post, but I took them Monday on the way to tea on the hills of the river valley and thought they looked kinda cool.


L said...

There is always something to work on isn't there. Those of cool pictures of that little herd of horses on the hill. Winter is kind of Blue isn't it?

Shirley said...

It's always a journey with our horses isn't it? Neat photo.

gowestferalwoman said...

I know in the past I have done rail work with that issue - half turn, quarter turn on the haunches - helps me get the feel for where their feet are and going, and helps them listen to my aids in moving them in both directions.

But then i swear theres times where they are just daydreaming about their favorite mare or gelding while Im up on top trying to mind meld with them lol...I bet they dont lie in bed at night trying to figure out the days ride lol!

lisa said...

My problem is finding the time to practice, practice, practice! I told the hubby that after the holidays, my time was going to be devoted to the horses!

ain't for city gals said...

I didn't realize it is so complicated...I have enough problems with my dog !

Linda said...

Practice does make for a better ride that's for sure....at least you know what to practice ;)