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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ramblings about Horses

Okay, so I have a really hard time not buying horses. Ive been really good is the last year or so only bought the same amount or less than I sold. But last summer I seen a mare on Northern horse I really likes. Not sure why exactly but she caught my eye. So much so I still have the ad printed from last year. Then yesterday morning I go look on there (I know I should just stay away) and here she is listed again! Oh man and no reason to buy her, she is just an ordinary quarter horse mare, no special papers, not broke I don't think, just some reason I like her. And this year I like her foal as well, last year it was so-so. So now I have a problem, do I get the mare or not.

I need another mare like a hole in the head, but she is pretty cheap considering the price includes her, the colt, and she is bred again for next year.

This is always a problem for me, not sure why I keep looking for horses and not sure why some stick out more than others. I just always hope they sell before i have a chance to get them. Of course there was Dinero and I did like him and seen him listed twice and now I got him and so far I still really like him, but how many horses can I have reasonably? I know there has to be a limit, and I used to say I would quit when I have horses I like, but I like all the ones I have now and I'm sure I could like more. I do still like Tangle, and I'm pretty sure he wants to come live at my house, but Jardi still thinks she wants him, lol. So we will see there too.


Kate said...

It's certainly a cute foal! I'm lucky in a way not having my own place - if I did, I'm sure I'd be up to my eyeballs in horses.

fernvalley01 said...

I am not any help to you , except is the mare brokle to ride? the market is iffy these days and It might help to see how many foals you have room ,time and or a market for.SHe lokks like a nice one and baby is a cutie

lisa said...

I had 4 horses at one time myself but decided that with me being the only into the horses and having a full time job on top of it, that it was too many so now I am down to two. I love the baby though! That alone would be hard for me to turn down!

CCC said...

Boy! I need to sit on everyone's hands, I guess.

Paint Girl said...

That is an awfully cute baby!! I love Paints that have minimal white.
I browse horse ads all the time, and always find something I wish I could have. But I just don't have the funds to get another horse, nor the time! Although there is a horse at work that I absolutely adore, and if I had $20,000.00 I'd buy him. Yes, that is how much he is. I keep hoping that he doesn't sell, so that someday down the road when I have that kind of money, I can finally buy him! I can dream, right?

Shirley said...

The mare is a beauty, and she sure does throw nice foals. But unless you are going to have a marketing program and are willing to pay stud fees,or get her broke to ride, you probably don't need her.