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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Well There has been quite a bit going on here lately.

Last Friday I went to Lus cause she invited me and Susan for breakfast.  It was awesome.  I had a tour of her yard which is beautiful. She owns 5 acres and mostly grass and trees and flowers.  She has an absoulutly stunning view out her front window, which is why she says they bought the property.  The breakfast was sooo good.  Waffles with strawberries and peaches and whipped cream, along with bacon and sausage.  And nanimo bars for dessert.  We were waddling out of there when we were done.  Then we went riding and it was such a nice day we took a longer route.  There is one place in the summerfallow we quite often lope and its nice and flat, gets them horses moving and so much fun.

Our road hasn't been graded since May and they did it Friday and Saturday. And the ditch mower has been by to mow our road allowances.  Must mean winter really is on its way.

My last lilly has finally bloomed.  I got this one when we went to the u pick farm in August.

I went to Visit my Aunt and Uncle for supper one night cause they were driving through Brooks.  And Monday we went to my cousin and her family's housewoarming party.  They bought a house in July and we finally could get everyone together for it.
And yesterday I went and rode Dinero even though it was wet and muddy, the neighbors built a new arena and they let us try it out.  Its HUGE!!  I never got any pictures, but maybe next time we go I will.  Dinero is sore again, might be from when he slipped before.  It seems like his hamsting over the hock on the back left leg.  He is also sore at teh poll, so when its not so slippery we are gonna massage him and hopefully he will get better and I can get a few more rides on him before I turn him out for winter.


CCC said...

You're always so busy. Sorry to hear a the yellow boy.

Linda said...

You must live in Special Areas where we ALWAYS get our road graded twice a year. Stoopid! Ours is a mess. Must be nice to have an arena so close. Who has it??

Crystal said...

Oh, the arena isnt near me, its in Dalum.

Shirley said...

Now that was a decadent breakfast! MMMM! Hope Dinero gets better soon.