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Monday, September 27, 2010

Strait Summer Jazz

I got an email from the people I got Razz from and they are having a production sale in Rimby at the auction Mart on Wednesday, Sept 29 (yes, this week) and I was thinking of going to it.  They have sold some of their land and need to get rid of some horses.  They have a few I like and I really like Razz, so I might go up there and see.  No promises I wont come  home with something, they have a broodmare I really like and her foal from this year is really nice as well.  She had a nice foal in 2009, but hes a roan and they aren't usually my favorites.  This year she had a brown filly, which is what I want, but I didn't want it this year necessarily.  She is bred back the same way as those two, and shes broke as well.  We will have to see, wasn't gonna have any babies next year, but that may change her pretty quick.  Go check them out and Anchor Y Ranch.

So This got me thinking about the ponies, and since they were close this morning  I went out and got a good look at them.  They are sure getting big.  Babies are getting taller, the grown ones are getting wider.

I took some pictures of Jazz today and am surprised she has finally lost all the yellow on her legs!  I thought it was gonna be permanent.

She is still friendly as ever, walking up to me when everyone else was eating.

I think she is more of a smokey black than a true black because she still has lots of yellow fluff in her ears like Razz, and her tail is pretty light colored, and she just looks more of a chocolate color than black.

While I was scratching her butt, she was itching Fly, we had a little chain going on, lol.  Woulda probly be a better picture if someone else was out there with us though.

All in all shes pretty cute and growing up.  I cant wait till they are weaned now and I really get to do something with them.


Anonymous said...

Love that Jazz - what a cutie!

CCC said...

Boy, she's grown up a lot.

fernvalley01 said...

Jazz is a cutie, I will be watching the blog Thursday to see if you were able to resist or not!

Ann Nichols said...

This is just amazing to me!!! I love visiting your world and seeing these beautiful animals. It seems like a dream...
do you know how very lucky you are?

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Oh man, she is a little cutie pie! Love those babies. :)

Shirley said...

She is a sweet little filly. Love her colour.