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Monday, September 6, 2010

More Babies

My babies are growing up. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not. I'm kinda glad cause they will be independent horses, and yet that means I would have to start working with them. Of course I'm kinda looking forward to that as well. I am also looking forward to riding Razz and Gypsy again. But they wont be as cute anymore as they go into that gangly yearling stage.

Jazz is still got her brown coat and is starting to get her winter hair, I'm still wondering if she is going to end up smokey black instead of true black.

She is getting pretty cute and always still comes over for scratches.

I thought her one front leg might have been crooked, but it looks okay now.

Jamaica is getting so big, I thought he might stay littler than his mom, but hes getting closer.

He is turning into my favorite, I'm not sure he wasn't all along, but I really wanted a filly out of Belle so I mighta let that mar my judgement.

And besides he poses in the cutest positions ever!

And the Fly, hes as big as life and getting braver everyday, he lets me walk up to him now but not sure I should touch him yet, but hes getting closer. Especially when the other two are enjoying it.

He is still bigger than the others, but the thing I notice most about him is he looks like a horse, not a foal, and he has for a long time.

I'm sure he will be a nice horse for CCC and her cowboy. I had to ask them the other day if I could ride him once cause I named him Gypsy's Flying Carpet cause it was gonna probly be my only opportunity to ride a flying carpet!

Gypsy and Razz made me laugh eating out of the trough as far away from each other as possible!


Shirley said...

Kai is really big now too; I'm pretty sure he will be taller than Beamer. I pulled him off the mare on Saturday, and he should be going to his new home Thursday or Friday.

fernvalley01 said...

They are really looking wonderful! I see what you mean about Fly , he is growing up and out at once , might never hit that gangly stage !