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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hanna Rodeo

Every year since I have been married we have gone to the Hanna Rodeo. Its kinda neat to see some of our Neighbors competing there alongside the big guns.

This year I had to miss Friday night cause I was scrapbooking (shoot I coulda had that in my Sunday Stills!) but we were there on Saturday and Sunday. This is a pretty important rodeo for some folks cause its the last rodeo they can get money at to qualify for the Canadian Finals in November. There was also another rodeo the same weekend in McCord, Saskatchewan and a lot of these cowboys went to both.

On Friday Valerie Gillespie run barrels in a 13:38, which we missed of course. Shes had some pretty good runs this summer on her horse. She ended up in 10th or so out of the money but good for her. We also saw a vet tech from the clinic in Drum run on Sunday and she run in 13:90. I had never seen her run before and she looked pretty good out there.

One of the farriers Jardi uses was there on Friday as well he's a team roper and unfortunately he got a no time, which I missed as well. Goes to show you I should have gone all three nights even though it seems like kinda a long weekend that way.  On Saturday our Community Pasture riders son was riding in the saddle bronc (sorry about the poor photo)

The intermission was pretty cool, Howard Gerlitz and his horse Whiskey did all sorts of  tricks. Like standing on this box which was 16 by 16. 

He also makes his horse carry his oats in the morning when he does chores.

And of course he carried his suitcase when they travel.

And best of all, he can stretch himself out from 16.3 to 14 hands so its easier to get on!

He was pretty cool, but I also figured out a setting on my camera where I can do super fast ISO (3200) and continuous shooting, so some of the pictures I got as the cowboys come off were pretty neat.  Like this one where hes on the other side, but you can see his feet in the air.

And this one where hes about to hit the ground.

All in all a pretty good time, but I still thinks its too much and would rather only go one day.


CCC said...

I always think I'd like to go then I forget or maybe it's just a busy time. Glad you got to go.

Linda said...

Great pictures!!! One of these years I'm going to go to that rodeo.

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

Great Pics, always fun to go to the hometown rodeo, used to go to the one at Stavely, when I lived there!!

Shirley said...

I can only get as high as ISO 400 on mine so I can't take good action shots. I liked the skipping photo in your Sunday Stills.