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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yesterday I thought I better go check on my horses since I haven't seen them close up in a couple days and they hadn't been coming in, so I go out in the field just minding my own business, see them from the corral

I look over at the dugout and see some ducks swimming around,

And next thing I know is they are running towards me

And getting closer and closer

So finally they reach me and I give them the handful of oats they have been looking for, sure makes it easy to catch them, lol.

I was gonna wean Fly next week, but it looks like Razz may have or is starting to wean Jazz, so she might be first.  Every time Jazz comes near Razz, Razz chased her away. Not sure what that is about, but interesting.  And they have been the most independent of each other the whole summer, not worrying where each other was.

Fly is still growing like a weed, looks pretty tall next to his mom.

And Gypsy is sure getting fat out there, as is everyone else, but she looks the biggest.

 The grass is still tall out there and I hope it lasts till the end of October and it looks like it will.

All in all they all looked good and happy.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That is nice to still have tall grass this late in the year. I keep watering my tiny pasture, but can't get the grass to grow at all. I think the bunnies are grazing it at night and stealing from the horses. I found a clump of bunny hide and several feathers out there this morning, so I suspect now the birds and bunnies are being hunted either by cats or coyotes.

Shirley said...

The horses are all looking good, Fly is quite the boy. You might want to keep Gypsy in foal if she keeps producing like that.

lisa said...

They all are beauties!

CCC said...

MMMMmmmmm. Delicious Fly.

fernvalley01 said...

They all look wonderful! My old mare would start to wean her foals on her own as well, by the time I got to it , it was nearly done

Janice said...

Just got caught up on your last few posts. The train trip sounded great , like lots of fun. That Lilly is sure a nice color and your foals are beauties.