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Monday, September 13, 2010

Steam Train

On Saturday, me and Neil, My mom and Clint and Neils mom and Dad went on the Steam Train that goes from Stettler to Big Valley.  It was a really fun ride.  I love trains, especially the steam ones.

This is the first year they had used the steam train because it was getting redone, new axles and all sorts of stuff, so along the way we stopped twice so they could check if the bearings were heating up and fortunatly  for us everything was fine.

We were just about to Big Valley when we got Robbed!! Bandits were riding up and looking in the train.

They were pretty good and definitly entertaining, fortunatly Gabriel Dumont saved the day by shooting all the criminals.

This guy had a broken arm and scraped up face from his last run in with Gabriel.

The town of Big Valley used to be quite a big railroad town, they had a roundhouse for fixing trains there, which of course now is almost gone except for the cement walls.

And you can see where the turntable used to be as well as 10 bays for train cars.

They also have an old Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator that was closed in 1997, and in it ws a wagon just like mine!  It was cool.

They had an old snowplow there, luckily we never needed it.

On the top of the hill in Big Valley was a Blue Church, i cant remember anything about it except its old and blue.

We had a roast beef dinner, complete with ice cream for desert, then headed back to Stettler.  On the way back to the train, we stopped in some old railroad cars that had been turned into a museum.  The first was filled with thousands of hand tools, some of which I had never seen before.

The second was all kinds of salt and pepper shakers, The one lady guessed about 800 sets!

This was one of my favorite ones.

The way home there was a guitar player in our train to entertain us, he had some pretty interesting variations on well known songs.  I also had him confused on where Finnegan was, that was pretty good.

My mom wanted her picture taken with Gabriel Dumont in front of the train.

When you looked under the engine, you could see the fire.  This train was converted to using used oil instead of coal.

And thats the end. 

Very fun, I would deffinitly recomend it.


CCC said...

I want to do that now. Have to talk to you more about it.

lisa said...

Now that does sound like fun. The hubby and I wanted to go on a train ride out to the Grand Canyon, they used to have the steam train but I looked it up and they don't use them anymore. The hubby was pretty disappointed.

fernvalley01 said...

I have to try that sometime! What fun!

Shirley said...

What fun! I love the second photo.