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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Garden and other stuff.

Well I went out on Saturday to pick the crabapple off the trees and maybe make some Jelly or Syrup whatever it turn out to be, well there was only a staple pail full of apples, I think all the rain this spring must have washed off all the blossoms before they had a chance to be fertilized or they froze too late, because there was a ton of flowers. Turns out I made only 4 jars of Jelly (and it is super gelled) and 7 jars of crabapple butter.

Anyway I picked all the apples then decided I needed to trim some branches, I have been doing this sporadically over the last couple years cause before that it was never trimmed so there are branches going every which way. I think its looking a little better now.

There is also this other tree in the middle that I thought was a regular apple, although it has never done anything, but this year it has tiny hard red berried on it, so now I'm really confused.

I bought this new Lily when me and my sister went to the u pick place, but now I am worried it will be trying to bloom when its frozen and I hope it doesn't die.

I was looking out the window and I saw something black moving, weird I thought till I got a better look and Fluffer is back for the winter crawling on the fence posts. He is the perfect farm cat, he never hangs around the house, eats mice and gophers all summer and we don't need to feed him, hes friendly but not in the way, and he stays away from all machinery and other animals.

I forgot to post this picture yesterday in the baby post, I went to a baby shower and her Gramma and sister made this "cake" for her. Its 200 diapers rolled up and tied together, then the lollipops are facecloths taped to spoons. What a neat idea, but a lot of work.


Linda said...

Come and get some crabs from me! I think the other apple you were talking about might have been an ornamental crab...it would have bloomed pick and the apples are like a big hard berry. I have LOTS of lilies still blooming.

CCC said...

Awesome 'cake!' You're so ambitious.

Shirley said...

I've never used crab apples for making apple butter, but it looks good. Is that bush maybe a high-bush cranberry?