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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Mares

Well I finally DNA'd Belle today. Not sure why I put it off so long cause it took like 5 minutes. I think it took longer to catch her than to get the hairs. I hope I pulled enough hair. The kit says to take about 50, which it seems like a lot until you actually look at them. I know there were lots of roots, so I am sure it will work fine. I meant to do it when we got there feet done, but forgot till I got in the house and they were all turned out again. I think the episode with Razz made me forget all else.

Razz looks good by the way, I had a good look at her lip and she still has a mark there, but its not swollen and seems less tender than before.

And Gypsy, I sure like her, more and more every time I'm around her. She just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter, just happy to do whatever you ask her to. Its sure nice to have a horse willing to please.

I think I'm gonna have to get them some kind of a pellet. I have been feeding oats every day for about 2 months and it seems like its not enough, they don't seem so have the "extra" that horses usually get this time of year. Ans they are sure losing hair like crazy. I should get my brushes out there and help them shed more, cause they gotta be itchy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Riding Princess and Scrapbooking

On Friday I got to ride Princess again. Its so nice when a horse finally gets better and can be ridden again. It was only three weeks and it seems like forever. She was really good. I only rode about 25 minutes, little bit walk and trot each way and we were done. She was really good.

I tried Bailey as well, and she is still gimpy. She doesn't seem sore and seems to want to be ridden, but she has like a lack of control over her hind end. I turned her sharp to the right and she just about fell over, couldn't get the back end moved quick enough, so I wondered if my saddle was bothering her and I took it off and got on bareback (witch I have never done on her before) and something is weird in her back, the muscles seem to move in balls, not long like they should. I am gonna get a someone else to look at her and see what can be done, cause its just not quite right. She walks like shes drunk in the back.

That night, I went to my moms and we scrap booked till midnight. I actually got a lot done. I never imagined I would cause I was exhausted.

On my way home, I stopped by the barn again and just brushed and fed them and visited with everyone who was there. I mentioned to Charlene I would take lessons with her whenever she has time.

Today we went down to Brooks to celebrate Neils dads birthday. We had a turkey dinner and just visited and watched curling of course. It was kinda nice to just relax cause there was nothing we should been doing, because we weren't home.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Boys and The Roundpen

Yesterday afternoon it got kinda nice out and so I thought I better start working with the boy. He forgets manners after not being reminded all the time. I am hoping soon he will be sent somewhere to start, I gotta make some phone calls yet.

So I started a snowstorm, wow does he have a lot of hair! He was liking the shedding blade, especially under his mane. It looks like he has rubbed it off under there, but his mane isn't rubbed. I'm wondering if it just got too hot and started coming out, cause it just falls out when i brush it. I cant believe how long his mane is and so thick. I rubbed some MTG into his mane and under it hoping if its itchy that will help, its not very pretty now cause its kinda yellow and it stinks! He doesn't seem to have any dandruff under there so that's a good sign.

I let him graze a little in the yard cause he gets bored in the round pen. I think I'm gonna move them to the other pens in the daytime so they can see more and get a different view for a while.

Last night the school put on a dinner and talent show to raise money for building a school in Kenya. They did a really good job, there were dances, puppet shows, solos and skits. It was a nice evening.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday March 25

I did get to realx yesterday and it was so nice. I also did laundry and washed dishes and cleaned, but there was no pressure to get it done, so that was evenkinda nice.

We been watching some of the scotties tournament of curling from Swift current. The ladies are pretty good curlers, even if Jennifer Jones lost last night, still in first place overall. Neil would watch all the games, but unfortunatly work has to be done as well. I dont want to watch as many, jut the highlights are enough.

The boys are living in my round pen for now till the water is open in the dugouts so they can go in the pasture north of the house. They kinda like being in (lots of food and attention) but I think they want to be out as well, especially George, he hasnt spent much time in a corral, always on pature. Dinero just likes everything.
They play pretty hard together those two. I thought an older gelding wouldnt, but its fun to watch the two of them playing, of course they stop when they see me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy busy busy...

Its been so busy around here the last five days, today I am just staying home and catching up on stuff that needs to be done. Like laundry. and dishes. icky, but I guess they gotta be done.

Monday all the horses got trimmed, there feet are looking good. We start with the worst and work our way up usually. But Razz got done first (usually shes really nervous) but she was really good and just stood like and angel.

Then Dinero.

He is at that stage where he tries anything and everything, he tested my patience a million times that morning, but he spent an hour tied up before Jason got here, so I think that helped a lot. He is too friendly and gets in my face all the time and has no concept of getting out when I ask him. Guess I will have to do something about that. He wasn't bad, but didn't care for the stand for filing.

Then we did Belle and she is always good, for a mare that is fearful and only handled couple times a year, shes really well behaved. She doesn't even need to be tied up and she just stands still. As soon as Jason lifts her front feet, she uses it as an excuse to stretch, every time, its kinda funny.

Then Gypsy who's always good, no matter what we do with her, and George is an old pro. While trimming Gypsy I could see her tummy moving and I think it was the baby kicking. I made Neil look and he saw it too. I didn't know if that's what we were seeing, but yesterday Jardi said you can see them kick and feel it too. How Cool!

While we were trimming George, Razz put her head down and was rubbing on aboard and I never realized there were nails in in, and the nail got caught in her halter and she was lifting the board off the ground. My heart stopped for a second. It was awful. She was a champ, just stood there until I got it unattached and I looked at her face and there was a hole in her lip. Yikes, so even though it hurt, she was soo calm. I called the vet and made an appointment for Tuesday morning.

The guy I got the trailer from had forgotten a brake controller in the tack compartment and asked me to mail it back to him, so Monday afternoon I did that and got plated for the trailer.

Tuesday I hooked up the trailer and was out of the yard before 9 to go to the vet. I wanted to try out my trailer, but sheesh it coulda waited more than 2 days after I brought it home. I didn't check the tires before I left. I know to do thins, and I always do, but for some reason (prolly tired) I never did and I paid for it with a flat tire about 15 minutes into my trip, so there I am on the side of the road fixing a flat tire. Good thing there was a spare and it had air in it. I called the vet to let them know I would be late and I was about half hour late. So much for leaving early tog get there early.

He looked at her lip, the nail went right through and he cleaned it out but figured shed be fine, gave her a shot of penicillin and tetanus and said she should be good, cause lots of place to drain, not like a puncture. Whew I figured, but I didn't want her to have a fat lip forever.

After that we went riding and Bailey is still sore in her loins. She just doesn't want to move out. Walking she seems fine, but trotting she seems to move like shes drunk. Jardi said the only thing to do for sore loins is stretch. So we stretched. She doesn't like that! Stretching forward not so bad, backwards shes awful. I never knew she could be so bad. I guess that's what was hurting. I hope she gets over it. She prolly just hurt herself in the pasture with the other horses, cause even if they don't come near her, she get worried and turns and runs away. So we are keeping her in for a couple days to see if it gets better.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well so much has happened since I posted last.

1. I took my first rid of the year outside with Bailey this year. We went on a trail ride on Friday and it was really good, Bailey thought there were horse eating monsters behind the trees, but we checked it out, and it was good after that. She was kinda bad trying to head home all the time, but nothing serious, and we figured it out before it was time to head home, she figured its easier just to do what I ask.
I got pictures, but they are on the blackberry and not sure how to get them out of there.

2. We made teddy bears on Saturday. Mine turned out like a old man.

It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, we got more patterns (including a horse) that I might have to try in my spare time.

3. I went down to Cardston today and finally bought a horse trailer!!! I am so excited! It is a three horse with a tack room (that will be so nice, no more sweaty horse smell in my truck )

It has been a busy weekend and tomorrow is trimming day, should be fun.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Winters back, for now...

Sure have been having yucky weather here, its been cold and windy for the last tow days. I was getting used to having spring weather. I know its early yet for spring, but I am just getting tired of winter.

I went over to see my pony and it was so cold and snowy I put her in the barn and fed her then decided I would go to town instead of ride, so I did and as I came outta the stores, it was nicer, so I went back and we had a coffee, then Jardi had lessons, so I just brushed up Bailey and redid her tail braid and turned her out.

Princess was looking sad because she didnt get her turn outside today becasue its so wet, so I gave her some extra treats and headed home, I will give her extra attention today.

I had a roast readym, so Neil turned on the oven and when I got home it sure smelled good and it was nice to come home to supper ready.

I'm pretty sure that spring is on the way, cause today I seen a snowy owl, they must be passing through to go back up north, and I seen a herd of antelope, and they leave and head for the river in the wonter and come back in the spring. So good news I hope.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Paddys Day!

Okay, so I feel like I haven't been on forever! It has been so nice out and I haven't been on the computer very much because of it. Sunday and Monday I spent working in the wood shop on a set of nightstands and a plaque for door numbers for my Aunt Bonnie. I am almost done both and its nice to be back out in the wood shop. Tuesday I was on my way to lessons, and Jardi phones and said she wouldn't be there for lessons. I got there as she was about to go to the vet. I went with her and stitched up Dots ankle. Not an emergency, but it just was at a bad spot so she got it stitched. We also stopped for lunch while she woke up from the drugs.

Afterwards, Linda came just as I was gonna ride Bailey so we rode together. Her colt is very nice and quiet. It was a nice ride and we might go outside next time if Linda is brave enough and the wind isn't too bad.

I soaked Princess foot, and it looks way better and she is walking sound again. Jardi is tying her outside everyday for some sunshine and she seems to like the change of scenery.

I talked to her about lessons, cause I want to do more with Bailey than just the same old same old. It was okay with Razz cause she needed more riding and basics, but Bailey is past that now. Charlene was saying she wanted some lessons on Ricky, so I might take some with her when she gets less busy. It should be fun, Jardi said I could try the mechanical cow! That would be so much fun.

We also are gonna pound some posts around the yard so I can finally have a fence and an arbor, I'm quite excited about it. I'm not sure if I want a walk through arbor or a bench, I'm leaning towards the bench, cause I think it would be fun to sit under flowers. I would like to plant climbing yellow roses over it.

I thought its about time to worm the horses this spring, and I usually do that the same day the farrier comes, so I called him and hes coming Monday, so that's the big day, I decided I should get a good look at everyone's feet and they all look pretty good for not being trimmed since end of October, the only one who look like he needs his feet done is Dinero, and they are really not that bad.

I am also looking at getting anew trailer, mine is old and wearing out, I have two in mind, so I should be able to get one of them. I am looking at a three horse with tack room, that's all I'm specific about. Oh and it can be pulled by my half-ton.

I hope everyone is wearing green today or here's a "pinch" for those who aren't.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday March 13, 2010

Well I figured something out about myself today and I'm not sure I like it. You all know Princess has an abscess and she is in the barn getting it soaked everyday and wrapped, and she is getting an antibiotic daily as well. When I am there, every Tuesday and Friday and sometime on the weekend, I soak it. When I'm not there, Jardi does it for me. This has worked fairly well, and Princess loves the attention, even if its to get her foot soaked.

Today I went over and was riding Bailey and Jardi walked in with a pail of water, I told her I can soak it, and she says its no problem. So I'm okay with that, but wondering because she always says she has so much to do and not enough time or energy. Then I look later and she has Katie doing it. I was not very happy, when I am paying Jardi and she passes it off to someone else, when I was right there. I am kinda picky about my horses and don't like anyone else doing anything with them. Its very hard for me to leave them at the boarders because of this. I know she was just trying to show Katie what an abscess is, and Jardi did watch and she wrapped it, but it irritated me.

I don't know why I am like this, but I think its because I have always had full care of my horses before I started taking them there, and I like how Jardi handles horses, but not all the boarders. I never would handle one of their horses and I guess I was hoping they would feel the same way, but now I'm not so sure. I wish I had a barn here so I could take her home and care for her myself.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bailey and Linda and Princess

Today I went over and rode Bailey with Lou, but after only about 10 minutes, Linda showed up. She wanted to ride her colt but was a little worried about it, so she brought her husband to try him first. I got off and visited with her and Doug rode him and he was really good. Pretty mouthy on the bit, I think it was too long, but he did eventually get used to it, so maybe its okay. I rode Bailey again for a while and then Susan came and we visited with her, she never rode, but we visited anyways. I showed Linda and Doug how cool and fun Baileys rollbacks are and they were surprised. After everyone left, I soaked and re wrapped Princess foot. The infection looks like its getting better, less black looking and more yellowy green. I took some pics, but they never showed up very good.

Then I used a flash and its a little better, but not great.

Its getting better I think, she gets and antibiotic everyday on her grain and eats it right up. Its not that deep and she seems sounder than before. I have never had to deal with a abscess before, but it looks weird to me cause in the hole looks like a bubble, but i guess as long as its draining and shes getting sounder its working.

I am having a problem with our dogs, they keep wandering away to the neighbor, not our closest neighbor, but one that is like 5 miles away. We had Betty-Sue tied up for one night and they were good, but then we tried to tie up the puppy and she slipped her collar and they are gone again tonight. I think its time to get rid of one (or i would prefer both) dogs. I don't want a dog I have to tie up or wanders away. Any suggestions would be handy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Basement Building

Well I finally got the wood for the basement and have started building it today.

I am putting 2x6s on edge and laying 1/2 inch plywood over it have a raised floor that is safe from water and is smoother than our worn out concrete.

I have taken a few too many breaks today, cause I like to work about an hour and take a rest, but the later in the day it seems like the breaks are longer than the work periods.

Yesterday morning, I made some little brown cowboys who followed me riding and wanted coffee:

The were very tasty and I didn't have a gingerbread man cutter so the cowboy had to suffice.

Unfortunately I only got about half done, cause I miscalculated and need 3 more boards which I will have to get tomorrow after I get my massage and hopefully the chiro as well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bailey and Princess Update

Today was our regularly scheduled riding lesson and since I left Bailey there, I rode her in the lesson. She was pretty good, but I have to remember how to ride her because she is sooo different from either Razz or Princess.

She is so much quicker in her reactions, and she LOVES rollbacks. We went to rollback and she didn't stop very well, but backed up really well and I put my leg on her to turn her and she just jumped around and into a canter! I wasn't ready for it and wow! It was fun, and a little better stopping the next few times. It is so much fun to ride her. I cant wait till next time I get to ride her. We measured her cause I thought she looked bigger and lo and behold, she made 15 hands! I never thought she would get that tall, she was always little, figures it took 6 years to finally get there.

We also soaked Princess' foot and it looks like she is less sore and there was no more pussy stuff coming from her foot. I cleaned her and Sid's stalls and then headed to town to buy the wood for the floor in the basement, time to get that done.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Vet and Riding Bailey

Well we went to the vet today and I thought I might as well get a ride on Bailey since I was stopping at the barn this morning before the vet. I almost turned around and never rode because I forget what she is like and she is so very energetic and alive. I finally sucked it up and got on her in the arena. She must have a good memory cause she hasn't been there since October and she noticed everything that was different, the new pole, the mechanical cow, the plywood int he corner, the jumps in the corner. it was an adventure just seeing everything else. After her curiosity was satisfied, we did a little trot both ways and she knocked over the giant pylon and jumped away from it, so we just walked around and cooled out. She was damp and it was only about 25 minutes. I forgot she sweats a lot too, unlike Razz or Princess. I brushed Princess and visited with her until it was time to load the horses for the vet.

We got there and they dug out Princess' abscess and it wasn't very deep, maybe 1/2". Black gooey tar like stuff drained out and he said to keep soaking it and wrapping it and she should be better in 10-14 days. Then we looked at her teeth and she had lots of points that had calloused her cheek, so we filed them ff and she was very good, considering he didn't give her very much sedative cause of her no putting weight on her foot. We also tried to find Sid's abscess, but it was too high and he wasn't showing any sore spots on the sole. Sid and Sage also had their teeth done. They checked Baileys teeth, and he said they are good.

So all in all, one horse just came for fun, although I'm not sure she thinks so, and not too big a bill even, until I get the one for all the work Jardi is putting in taking care of her.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Princess and Hypnotist

Yesterday I went out to the barn to see the Princess and she was looking so much better! She is still super sore, but seems way happier and not laying around looking sad all day. I took her out and soaked her foot and she was so good I brushed her than cleaned her stall while she was soaking. She only stepped outta the pail once when the dogs jumped up and surprised her. I put o the poultice pad and vet wrap and we wrap it all in duct tape to keep it good. Barb asked me to do her horse as well cause she couldn't be there (she had a recall on her Toyota and was getting it fixed) so I waited for Charlene cause Sid is kinda bad about standing still and I thought I might want help. I actually stood by him and held his leg in the water and she cleaned his stall. he is NOT a good patient, he is restless, cant stand still and is just impatient! I'm glad my pony is good. Bored I'm sure, but happy to see anyone or even another horse.

Shirley, you mentioned the boots and we do have 2 of those boots, we aren't keeping the foot soaking in them, but Sid has one over top of the tape, cause he paces in his stall. Princess doesn't have one on now because she just mostly stands still, but after we go to the vet tomorrow, she will prolly get one on to try and keep it cleaner. Ours are made by easy boot, called easy soaker.

After they were all done, me and Charlene went down to Outlaws for a couple drinks and then I went to the hypnotist with a bunch from the barn. Out of 8 of us, there were 4 volunteers, unfortunately none got real hypnotized. Justin couldn't get his mind to quit thinking, Lu was too worried about not being able to do all those things, and Cathrine and her mom "woke up" when they talked about eating Ice cream cause they both don't like it!

There were 5 people who were really hypnotized and it was a good show, as was the turkey dinner we had before hand. I got home around 12:30, so really not too late, although it sure felt like it this morning.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well the farrier was out and tested Princess foot and it looks like she has an abscess. We are going on Monday to get it dug out and luckily it seems low and so it shouldn't be too big a deal. I went over today and soaked it and wrapped it. I think she is pretty sore but liking living in a stall. She looks at us with the saddest eyes. I don't like that when there is nothing we can do for her. I am going back tomorrow and soaking her and Sid's foot as well.

On Monday we are going to take a trailer full and get there teeth done as well. I am gonna take Bailey. I am still debating on weather to leave her up there or take her home. I would like to leave her there, but she gets worried when they are in the big corral, even though no one is bothering her. She tends to lose weight pretty easy and I don't want that to happen to her.

Anyways, since I couldn't ride Princess, Barb came out and was feeling ill, so she asked me to ride Dusty for her. It was kinda fun, and if my pony doesn't get better soon, I will eventually have ridden every horse there. Not that I mind that, but I kinda like riding my own ponies cause there is no shortage of them.

I worry for Princess, I know shes not feeling well and I hope shes okay till Monday. I just wanna spend forever with her and comfort her.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well today was the day. Neil went to the sedation dentist to get 2 teeth pulled. he was very nervous because he has never had anesthetic before. I am so glad everything turned out very well, afterwards he was feeling great, no pain or anything. Whew. Its also good he went because they had a very hard time pulling them out. He got instructions before that he couldn't smoke 24 hours ahead, eat past midnight, or drink water three hours before surgery (12:30). This was prolly the hardest, he can hardly live without morning coffee, I thought the smoking would be worst, but not so much.

During his time there, about 2 hours, I dropped him off and went and picked up my sister and she took me for lunch at the Olive Garden. I had Chicken Alfredo and she had Cheese Ravioli. Both very good dishes. And of course the salad and bread sticks before almost fill you up.

And since I keep seeing pics of everyone else's donkeys, I thought I would share a pic of my favorite ones:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Riding with Dot

Today I got to ride Dot. She is a very fun, but intensive mare to ride. Everything she does is 110%. It was really cool. I should ride a horse like her more often. I forget sometimes how different the horses can be from each other. I know my two and don't even have to think when I am getting on them, cause I know how they ride and react to different things. Dot is afraid of the mechanical cow on the one wall that even when we are not using it (which I never have) she walks with caution by that wall. Then we stopped on the end to let Lu canter and she kept looking back and I thought she was looking at me, but lo and behold she was checking out the cow (who we call Oreo) in the box. Not sure if she thought it was gonna jump outta the box and get her or what. So we moved and she could see him right in front of her and it was so much better and relaxing.

I also went out to check how Razz is doing with my other ponies and she seems fine out there. She still hangs around a little ways from the others, but she always has done that, so I guess all is getting figured out. I want her familiar with that pasture cause I that's where shes gonna be until she foals.

While I was out there, I took some neat pictures of frosty ponies. I am hoping the shed before I really have to get to riding them, cause its kinda a pain to have hair everywhere.

It was kinda foggy and by the time I got to the house this is what Dinero looked like (look hard)