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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Paddys Day!

Okay, so I feel like I haven't been on forever! It has been so nice out and I haven't been on the computer very much because of it. Sunday and Monday I spent working in the wood shop on a set of nightstands and a plaque for door numbers for my Aunt Bonnie. I am almost done both and its nice to be back out in the wood shop. Tuesday I was on my way to lessons, and Jardi phones and said she wouldn't be there for lessons. I got there as she was about to go to the vet. I went with her and stitched up Dots ankle. Not an emergency, but it just was at a bad spot so she got it stitched. We also stopped for lunch while she woke up from the drugs.

Afterwards, Linda came just as I was gonna ride Bailey so we rode together. Her colt is very nice and quiet. It was a nice ride and we might go outside next time if Linda is brave enough and the wind isn't too bad.

I soaked Princess foot, and it looks way better and she is walking sound again. Jardi is tying her outside everyday for some sunshine and she seems to like the change of scenery.

I talked to her about lessons, cause I want to do more with Bailey than just the same old same old. It was okay with Razz cause she needed more riding and basics, but Bailey is past that now. Charlene was saying she wanted some lessons on Ricky, so I might take some with her when she gets less busy. It should be fun, Jardi said I could try the mechanical cow! That would be so much fun.

We also are gonna pound some posts around the yard so I can finally have a fence and an arbor, I'm quite excited about it. I'm not sure if I want a walk through arbor or a bench, I'm leaning towards the bench, cause I think it would be fun to sit under flowers. I would like to plant climbing yellow roses over it.

I thought its about time to worm the horses this spring, and I usually do that the same day the farrier comes, so I called him and hes coming Monday, so that's the big day, I decided I should get a good look at everyone's feet and they all look pretty good for not being trimmed since end of October, the only one who look like he needs his feet done is Dinero, and they are really not that bad.

I am also looking at getting anew trailer, mine is old and wearing out, I have two in mind, so I should be able to get one of them. I am looking at a three horse with tack room, that's all I'm specific about. Oh and it can be pulled by my half-ton.

I hope everyone is wearing green today or here's a "pinch" for those who aren't.

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Rising Rainbow said...

Worming AND the farrier in one day seems like a big task but then I guess it wouldn't be so bad with less horses. LOL