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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Riding with Dot

Today I got to ride Dot. She is a very fun, but intensive mare to ride. Everything she does is 110%. It was really cool. I should ride a horse like her more often. I forget sometimes how different the horses can be from each other. I know my two and don't even have to think when I am getting on them, cause I know how they ride and react to different things. Dot is afraid of the mechanical cow on the one wall that even when we are not using it (which I never have) she walks with caution by that wall. Then we stopped on the end to let Lu canter and she kept looking back and I thought she was looking at me, but lo and behold she was checking out the cow (who we call Oreo) in the box. Not sure if she thought it was gonna jump outta the box and get her or what. So we moved and she could see him right in front of her and it was so much better and relaxing.

I also went out to check how Razz is doing with my other ponies and she seems fine out there. She still hangs around a little ways from the others, but she always has done that, so I guess all is getting figured out. I want her familiar with that pasture cause I that's where shes gonna be until she foals.

While I was out there, I took some neat pictures of frosty ponies. I am hoping the shed before I really have to get to riding them, cause its kinda a pain to have hair everywhere.

It was kinda foggy and by the time I got to the house this is what Dinero looked like (look hard)


Shirley said...

Love those frosty ear shots. It's always a good thing to ride other horses. It usually makes you appreciate your own.

Jayke said...

I love the second picture, those frosty ponies look pretty happy. I wish we had your snow! All we have here is yucky dead grass.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Love all the photos! The frosted ponies look so cool. And the last one is so mysterious looking.

I'm glad you've been able to ride so much lately, too. It's great that you can try out so many other horses. Like Shirley said it makes you appreciate your own....or as in my case, made me realize my own horse wasn't right for me.

And now I can appreciate my own, new horse. hehe!