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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little of everything

Yesterday I headed up to Red Deer to watch the AQHA show up there. Of course I never took any pictures, but Jardi and little Charlene were competing in the NRHA reining they had there. Wow Charlene did so good for it being her first time showing in reining. Granted she was the only one in her class, but even not counting marks, she was amazing, just did what she was supposed to, I'm pretty proud of her. Jardi however, first class she went off pattern (oops) and the second class Shaken got stuck at his spins. But he was hot and tired, and he really hasn't been ridden much this summer, but today and tomorrow I'm sure he'll be better. He seems better earlier in the day. So this is just a jumble of pics I been wanting to share, but never got to, till today:)

The morning we were going to the grazing school I walked outside and I seen a full moon. I thought I should get a picture of it cause I obviously missed it the night before. Well, I think I should take moon pictures in the daytime all the time, cause wow is is ever easier to get a clear picture.

Oh and I had to share this cute pic of Dinero, I actually have it as my desktop so I get to see it all the time

And a real pretty sunset one evening here, although not as pretty as ones in New Mexico or Creston or Oregon apparently, but I am trying

A real cute pic of Shaken looking over his stall, he liked that stall he could stick his head over

And some pictures of Fly because again I cant believe how big he is! I have to look twice when they are in the pasture cause he looks like a grown horse out there.

And from the front, he is going to be one big boy!


fernvalley01 said...

The pictures are all great . I tend not to take pictures at shows either , I get all wrapped up in watching and forget!Fly sure is getting to be a big stout boy

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Fly is gorgeous in so many ways. Nice conformation. Nice coloring. Nice head and ears...

Shirley said...

I wonder if Kim Smith is showing in Red Deer; he's the one that trained Beamer.
Dinero is a handsome boy, bet he'll be your main riding horse next year.
I've seen some spectacular Alberta sunsets, especially at harvest time. Your turn will come!

Linda said...

Great moon shot! I was in Red Deer and only heard of the show at the western store.....we could have had coffee.