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Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching Up

So much is still going on around here. I keep thinking of things to post and never have time. So this will be a mix up post of left overs.

First off I have another wild flower, and again I need help naming it. I am gonna have to get some kind of wildflower book maybe just find one in my basement of assorted things. I think I may have one, but not sure where it would be.

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I also got the paperwork to register Jamaica, so now I gotta get some pictures that I can actually see his white feet. I may have to wait till he sheds out cause its really hard to see them right now.

I know I have said it before, but I cant believe how big Fly is! He seems to grow every time I go out there.

Also this afternoon, we went to our last branding. I was vaccinating, and I jumped up to get out of the way and stabbed myself in the ankle. It really really hurts right now. I didn't actually inject any stuff, so I think I will be fine, but its sore right now.

And the grass is still horrobly tall and the bugs are still awful, but hopefully we will get less if its doesnt rain for a while again.


fernvalley01 said...

The foals look great! I usually wait til fall to send in the papers ,let tham shed out the baby hair and such

Linda said...

I've seen that too but it's not in my book. Let me know if you find out and I'll do likewise.

CCC said...

I also can't believe the size of Fly (sounds like to small a name for him doesn't it?) The breeze has helped a little with the mosquitoes here, at least while I'm out riding but the poor horses, out in them day and night, yuck.