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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh Its Sunday Today

Oops I knew that I was totally messed up this week. That holiday on Thursday threw me off, I thought it was Saturday, and then It was Saturday when I posted my Sunday stills, yikes, at least now I'm back on track...I think anyways.

On Saturday after I posted my Sunday Stills, lol. I went up to get my pony Dinero back from Lane. He is so cute, in a giant way. Giant for me, not for warm bloods or draft horses or anything like that anyways. Even Lane thought he was rather big for a two year old. Lane liked him, hes so easy going and yet he has speed. If you ask him to go, you better be ready, cause he will go.

He had him opening gates and already started his turnaround. I never got to ride him then cause Lane showed me everything he done and he was pretty sure I could handle him if I was okay with Bailey.

I took him over to Jardis and we went for lunch at Wayne and visited for a while then I dropped the trailer there and went to my moms. We had a nice visit while she pulled weeds.

This morning I went up to the Draft Horse Classic where I was supposed to win $5000, but they picked the wrong ticket, but It was a good show anyways. There were six horse hitches all the way from New York State! That's a awful long ways to come to Olds! They also had a stock dog competition which was different, it was in the rodeo arena and the handlers were on horses instead of the ground. It looked hard, and I can only figure from watching that going slow is key. Anyone who's dog ran the cows had to start over cause they missed the obstacle.

On the way home I stopped to get the trailer and no one was around so I still never got to ride Dinero, but I brushed him and took some pictures then headed home. I need a rest, but we have to go branding tomorrow, although I think it will be our last one if it doesnt get rained out. Neil started cutting hay this morning, so that's on the go as well.


fernvalley01 said...

I like the way you put that "they picked the wrong ticket!" Dinero looks like he is a big boy for his age .I hope you enjoy many miles together

CCC said...

He looks good. Sounds like a fun weekend.

I think we get to do something at the sheep trial for Ian this year, on horse back. I can't quite figure out what because I've never seen anyone work sheep from horseback and none of the dogs we have now have even seen a sheep, being that the cowboy is 'allergic' to them and all.

Shirley said...

Dinero looks good, he's a handsome boy.Lucky you getting to see the draft horse show, I love the six horse hitch competition.