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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Perogies and More riding

Well after the Perogy post, I got asked a few questions, so here's some answers. Not all the answers cause I just don't have all the answers.

Umm my favorite way of cooking them. Well I like to fry up some onions and smokies and then put the boiled perogies in until they are just browned

Then add sour cream until it just melts, and eat. These are the potato and Cheddar ones, and they never fell apart, so not sure I can help there. I wonder if it helps I freeze them first, never cooked them fresh so I dont know if tha makes a difference?I also like to use sauerkraut sometimes. Neil likes it when the smokies aren't cut up then he can have them in buns and its more filling.

My other favorite is the prune perogies, I just boil them 5 minutes or till they float, and put icing sugar and a little butter on and mmmm, no wonder some people call them desert perogies.

I never thought of putting a Mexican type filling in, but I love Mexican food, so maybe next time I will try that one.

While I went riding yesterday and look like Dinero slipped and is sore in both back legs, so we gave him little a bute and will give him three days off and see how hes doing then. But it gave me more time to practice taking pictures indoors. I got Susan on Princess

I rode Bailey and I got the girls to take some pictures, but they weren't very clear, but I had to put this one of Bailey in cause it shows how fat she is, lol

After this Jardi rode Tangle and I found a new and better setting, ISO 3200 and it takes pics super fast they mostly turn out clear

She said she would rather me take pictures of Tangle without her on him, so we did some of that too

And then she rode Shaken and even though the picture is a little dark, it turned out not bad, I haven't gotten a clear stop picture before, so was pretty happy with this

And I commented in the comment section, but just thought I would say again, the arena footing was fabulous, I have never seen it as good down there as it has been these last two days. I think if she keeps it watered and worked it can be really nice, a little deeper than Jardis, but sure nice to ride in.


fernvalley01 said...

Girl! you keep posting perogy pictures I am going to move in with you! Yummo! I have trouble with indoor shots too , I have a little point and shoot camera ,it works great to a point.

Linda said...

I tried commenting on your perogy post but don't think it went through..........anyway......thanks for the recipe!