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Thursday, July 8, 2010

In the Garden

I have been going around trying to get some good shadow pictures for Sunday, but I seen one on Tuesday that would have been perfect but of course never had my camera with me, I know better but sometimes..

I took some pictures of my yard and I am hoping by next summer there are many improvements that I want to get to.

These are the plans I have drawn up. There is one for the house, and one fro the garden, rather ambitious and I don't plan on everything this year, but some of them would be nice.

It also looks like I will have 24! lillies on my plant this year, I guess I am gonna have to split it cause its getting ridiculous and i would like them a little more spread apart, maybe this fall.

I didn't take any pictures of the garden, cause it is so overrun with weeds and I was out there this morning and I couldn't stand the mosquito's, even with bug spray on they are nasty vicious.


CCC said...

You need more ducks. Want some? I think they stir up every little puddle here so the larva can't hatch. They aren't as bad as I think they would be although . . . there are still enough to carry off an over-50 cowgirl.

Shirley said...

That's the trouble with gardens...weeds! I have a good crop of them but only on the paths between the rows, everything is big enough now to choke out the weeds.

Linda said...

I've got weeds to...millions of them. If you ever need perenials drop by and dig some from here.

Cheyenne said...

Your yard is beautiful!