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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sooo Itchy

Man oh man are the flies so bad, but there are some creative ways my ponies have discovered to avoid them, or at least itch. First off is staying in the shed most of the time until they are too hungry to stand it anymore, I think at night some flies must be not as bad because they will go out then, or if it gets windy or rainy they run out and eat. Got to take advantage when it happens.

For the foals, the "under moms tail" fly relief works quite well

Reaching back to itch is soo much work

Sometimes rubbing on a post helps

Sometimes the front legs get itchy too

And Sometimes the tail is just too short

I hope for thier sake, the flies leave soon (for my sanity too) Over in Dalum where I ride and Dinero is, the bugs are not so near as bad, and I just want to go over there all the time cause you can actually be outside without spray!


Shirley said...

We don't have any brush here, but horses will run through brush to get rid of pesky flies. My little herd hang out in a tight group to utilize each other's tails to best advantage. Beamer, I bring in around mid afternoon as he has no help; at least in his pen he has shade.

CCC said...

I think someone told me that those biting flies can't navigate in the dark so shade and night are better for the horses.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The "under Mom's tail" shot is awesome. We started getting flies in the house today. I keep a fly swatter within reach everywhere I go.

fernvalley01 said...

FLies haven't been too bad yet , but they are getting there.The babies are looking great