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Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Update

Well time for more baby pictures!!
First off, the header picture, lol, Belle and Razz were eating and Jamaica always has to be in the middle of something, so he just pushes his way in and stands there while they are trying to eat. It was so funny, he just stood there till they left then he left too. This is last week when he had to get in the middle too

I went and sat in the shed to get some pictures, but that didn't last long as soon I had Razz following me in wondering what I was doing

Although I did get a good picture of the Fly first

And these two being silly

I didn't get as many pictures of Jazz, as I was busy petting her, she sure likes her butt getting scratched. I almost got Jamaica brave enough to come over for pets, but its not as easy because Belle is suspicious when i get that close, so I cant use her as a helper, like Razz.

Today I went out and Bailey and Dinero had locked themselves in the corral and so I put George in with the mares and watched him a while and I don't think there will be any problems, here he is with Belle

And with Razz

And Gypsy isn't sure whether to chase him away (which she does most of the time), or to get near him cause shes in heat now, bu when he got closer to Fly than her, George was out of there, I think it will be all fine.

The size difference between Fly and Jazz is too funny, he is way bigger than her


Kate said...

Cute pictures - love the header!

Shirley said...

The babies are all growing well, isn't it fun to watch their personalities develop?

fernvalley01 said...

They look great!those are some nice round bottoms!