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Saturday, July 31, 2010


The Llama is not my favorite animal, but however there are many around here, so we just get used to them.

Our one neighbor we thought had two llamas, but this year we counted 14 in the field, hmmm wonder how that happened. Not as bad as another neighbor who hides hers away from any roads, she prolly has a couple hundred. She used to shave them and spin their wool, not so much anymore, too many. We also have another neighbor who has 1 in with his cow herd. I guess that's the only guaranteed way of staying at one.

Anyhow on my way home today the Llamas where standing on the banks of the dugouts just watching. Not sure what they were watching for, but watching none the less.

So seeing as its the long weekend, I did the tourist thing and stopped on the side of the road (in an approach, I cant stand it when people just stop in the middle of the road) and took some pictures of the llamas. Woulda been more touristy if I didn't turn 1/2 mile from there I guess.


CCC said...

Icky, I don't like them.

Linda said...

Those look like Jacks llamas on the way to the hat on their little island out of the bugs. I don't like them much.....our horses are plumb spooked of the things.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I just love my two llamas. They move so elegantly, and are so unique. And I love the way their breath smells and the way their fur tickles my face when they nuzzle me.
My horse thinks the llamas belong to her and she tries to herd them around. I love to watch my llamas when they are excited and happy because they run, twist and dance and fly up into the air and even leap like antelope!

That last photo you took is very cool!