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Friday, July 23, 2010


Well after three days on bute (last one this morning) I went out and felt Dineros legs that were so warm and sore on Wednesday. Well there was nothing, so heat, no soreness, nothing!!! yippee!! I wa worried I would have to stay off him for a while and that had me more sad then I thought it would. I was kinda suspicious when I haltered him and he sidestepped from me, when it hurt you couldn't force him to move sideways, and now he did it voluntarily.

I thought I should share what we have been up to lately here. Hay, Hay and more hay.
Yesterday I was haybining our crop and its amazing how much alfalfa grows when it rains. Not bad for dry land haying in the Special Areas.

Neil baled the outside of the field a few days before and we have twice as many bales on half the acreage as any other field this year, pretty cool.

We are making as many bales this year as we can, casue next year there might not be any.


fernvalley01 said...

We had another 2 inches of rain yesterday, so haying will be waiting ,just a bit longer , looks like a great crop if we can get it off the field

Shirley said...

Hope it stays dry enough to get all the baling done!

Farmchick said...

Hi--enjoyed my visit here....so I read the post on perogies...are you Ukrainian? I am and I make perogies too! Stop on over to my farm for a visit.