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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Today we went down to Brooks to celebrate Canada Day at the museum. It was a fun but short day.

Neils dad had an old 1928 (I think) John Deere D that he was hoping he could drive in the parade, but unfortunately there was too much to fix on it and not enough time, maybe next year.

Anyways it was a good parade, Neils dad got to drive a small orange tractor (not sure what kind) pulling a wagon with Neils mom in it. Shes in the middle seat on the passenger side.

There was also this character there. He told me he worked at the museum, and here he was.

There was also a pancake breakfast, cake and ice cream, and all kinds of games for kids like teddy bear picnic, and fishing. It was kinda fun. But the best part was it was all over by noon so we could actually do something else. When we were leaving, there was this guy from Saskatchewan painting a mural on the building, I guess hes only been there since the day before.

I had wanted to go to K and K livestock to pick up a gift for Charlene's wedding tomorrow, but didn't have time and so Jardi went and bought something we will give her together. It will work. But I wanted to look around as well, but woulda come home with something for myself which I prolly don't need.

Then I decided we should have a Canadian supper, but it turns out it was an Alberta supper. Steak from one of our cows, and potatoes from Bassano.


Shirley said...

Nice old Surrey, should have had a team of heavies pulling it though! I went international for supper- Chinese food.

CCC said...

Man that's a lot more exciting than my 1st of July. And the food looks sooo good. Mmmh, I must be hungry. Who wouldn't be after that picture.

fernvalley01 said...

Yummy supper! and it looks like it was a nice day

Linda said...

Maybe some day we'll get in to that...The Bossman avoids the Brooks museum because the old Wardlow school it there and he was never very fond of it;)