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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Slippery When Frozen

I went to go riding last Tuesday since I had my trailer all hooked up from the clinic and it was pretty nice out.  Well started my truck and on the way over to it I slipped and fell.  It was in slow motion.  I kept thinking I was gonna fall and hurt my hip and then I fell and it wasn't bad and just as I was thinking whew Im gonna be alright just a scare....WHOMP!!!  I hit my head pretty hard.  It was in a weird spot too, beside my ponytail high.  I didn't quite now how that happened.

Well instant headache and so back to the house I went.  Put on some peppermint oil (which worked half well, the blinding pain was gone but still had a headache.)  Neil said my tea smelled good, lol I told him it wasn't tea.  I stayed inside the house the rest of the day and was feeling pretty good till bedtime.  Everyone was worried about me having a concussion but Im about 99% sure it wasn't and Neil home in case I had trouble and nothing.

The next morning I was super stiff.  I was a little surprised but probly shouldn't have been.  Then though the day I felt a little better.  so I had plans to go riding on Thursday if I felt good and then I went to the bed I woke up super sore again.  So I stayed home and then after a bit I got wondering if maybe I got a bit of whiplash cause I am not sure unless I I tip my head back.  I wish my Chiro wasnt on vacation.  But I went for a walk today and unhooked my trailer and feel alright so I will be fine till he gets back.

Then planned on Monday to be back at it cause arena was booked all weekend for a trick riding clinic and my sister was moving Sunday.  So we went to help my sister and I hurt myself again.  We had just got there and were loading up the stock trailer and I picked up a step stool and then couldn't move.  Oh great my hip went out again.  Thought it be fine in a few minutes so I sat and rested.  Well my back was spasming and it wasn't good.

 So I waited a little longer, just got stiffer and stiffer and if I moved was excruciating.   Well I was pretty useless watching everyone else move and when they were done we stopped at the drumheller hospital and the doctor said it was a pulled muscle and would be very sore for a few days then keep active while it's healing.  Oh and take Tylenol tohe with the pain.  That was frustrating as they gave me a shot of morphine and it didn't help at all.  Well was feeling discouraged and in pain but at least was gonna heal.

The next day was not much better.  I couldn't get up and when I did get up I couldn't support my own weight.  Luckily Neil was around and helpful. But he's not that big he can't be carrying me around so not a lot of movement, I dreaded having to go to the washroom.

Tuesday was a little less pain, could actually roll over in bed without too much trouble and then got up and could walk to the bathroom and back without help!!! I had to lean on the wall a bit but wow never thought that would happen.  So I made an appointment with the chiro for today and rested more.  

This morning got dressed in bed kinda awkward but doable and then off we went.  Turns out my pelvis was out.  That got rid of the sharp pain but now it just aches.  So more rest with mini walks and I go back Friday to make sure it's still good.  Here's hoping...I am getting bored laying in bed.  Tried to sit in my chair in the living room but it's too painful yet :(. Only so many books, magazines, videos one can do until I get restless.  


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Wow, you really got walloped... twice. One way to do a layman's check for a concussion is to look at the pupils. If one is dilated and the other is constricted, it's a concussion. It's gotta be frustrating to injure yourself doing such a mundane thing. Well, I know it is, because I horked up my knee simply stomping mud off my boots. Makes you scared to even move. Well, I hope you get well soon and can get your life back.

Shirley said...

Yeah the first wipe out probably set up the second injury. Glad you didn't have a concussion.
Try a soak in the tub with Epsom salts.

fernvalley01 said...

I agree with Shirley, the first fall set you up for the next injury. Glad you are on the mend

4RRanch said...

It's terrible being in pain, glad your getting better.