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Friday, January 30, 2015

Scary Scary Fun

On Saturday the 24th I took Razz up to a bombroofing clinic for driving courses.  Usually she likes to do a 2 day clinic where the first day is on the ground and the second is a short refresher then we ground drive them through the same obstacles. Didn't do it cause not enough interest till last minute.  But worked good for me as Razz doesn't ground drive.  
Was 5 hours of fantastic fun.  She was so awesome.  Pretty looky at first but settled right in.  She went through the carwash, over a teetering bridge, over tarp, past flags, through gates, handled an umbrella opening over her, pool noodles all around, and even walking through water bottles, oh and bells and the big ball.  At the end we did everything at once tarps over them with bells on, ball thrown at them going through carwash.  Amazing what they will put up with ;)  I was super proud of her.
They are talking about a 2 day on mid March and I'd like to go to that as well.


Shirley said...

Oh that does look like fun!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yeah, that does sound like a good time. One of my trainers a while back set up a obstacle course in my paddock and we each rode a horse through it. Unfortunately, the wind caused total chaos and she got dumped. So, it's always safer to introduce the new stuff in indoor arenas.