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Monday, April 20, 2015

Keep On Riding

Well It still hurts a little to ride.

Friday I rode Jessie its been a while and I thought I would just try it out.  And I wanted to go to the dam to check if there was pussy willows.  Well got her ready and went out and walked was OK then we trotted a bit that was not bad as long as we kept it slow and controlled.  Then thought we would try a lope.  Not good.  But what a good girl Jessie is.  I had one hand on the reins which were a mile long and the other was out trying to balance me and find a comfortable spot which there wasn't one.  She coulda done anything, a step to the side woulda made me fall off.  But nope she just kept going.  Till she was tired and so was I so we slowed to a trot.  then a walk.  Then we turned back before we got where I wanted to go cause I was too sore and didn't wanna not make it back.
And when we come home I seen my herd of black and white ponies hanging around :)  So adorable.

Then yesterday was horribly miserable and windy so did nothing, but today was super nice and even though I was tired I sucked it up and rode Razz.  Had no plans, just gonna ride her around in the area outside my arena cause the arena is still decomposing sod pieces and rough and she doesn't like to leave the yard alone and I didn't want to fight her.  But to my surprise, after getting on with a pail cause she is too round lol, we did one circle and she waned to leave so I let her see where we would go.  We walked down the road, I know it was because she knows the other horses are out in that pasture but that's fine, they were being good at the far end just eating.  I could see Bailey watching us, no surprise she is always aware.

  We made it to the texas gate (half mile) and I decided that was enough for me.  I turned her around and she wasn't sure we should go back.  But we did in the ditch beside the fence and about half way back the other horses started coming up, no big deal we just kept going but when we got to the gate it was too much for Razz she didn't want to ride away from them.  OK so no biggie, I just got her stopped and calm and got off, let her stand a bit and we walked the last 5 minutes into the yard.  Was a good ride, I am super proud of her for leaving on her own and leaving her buddies when she didnt want to, and not being stupid when they were loping up towards us.

I kinda wanna desensitize the pasture horses to not come up when they see a rider, They are good at it in their winter pasture but new field and they just aren't sure yet.  But I think they will figure it out soon enough, all that work for no reward haha.  But its tough cause I do like them to come up in the mornings so I can look at them.  Ah well we will figure something out.

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