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Thursday, May 21, 2015


So I am entered in 2 clinics so far this summer.  First is coming up next weekend and is a colt starting clinic and I am taking my new horse Chili.  She is coming around nicely but I still feel super unprepared to go to the clinic.  I might ask if he can keep her for a month afterwards if he has space.  I am kinda nervous about going I feel so far behind with her not at all what I had planned.  But that's how it goes with horses sometimes.  I got to do another post on her but Im still working on it.

And the later this summer I am going to that Buck Branaman Clinic and am taking Razz.  I woulda liked to take Chili but she will not be ready for such a long trip yet since she has only been in a trailer once so far.  That will change of course but I don't wanna push her...and seeing how she doesn't settle in new places very quickly yet that could be a challenge I am not ready for, I wanna learn while there.  I am super excited about taking Razz there as well.  I like her I really do but I can see some holes and hopefully he can help me with them.

y nephews are supposed to come out from the 10-24th but I am leaving for the clinic on the 15th so they wont be here the whole time just the beginning and then I may get them to come out again in August for a week or so when I will be home again.  Also that week is a Doug Mills Clinic which would be fun but too busy...wish everything wasnt the same week.  On the 22/23 is the grazing clinic for ladies and its in Dinosaur Provincial park, Id really like to go but itll be the say after I get home and Ill be super tired I think.....Im still undecided on that one.

There is also one in June an actha clinic I would like to go to but I am not entered yet as its right in the middle of branding season and we have nothing booked that day so far but things could change.  It sounds neat its an actha challenge day on the Saturday and the Sunday is a fun schooling show.

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cdncowgirl said...

Wow sounds like you've got a busy summer lined up, and lots of fun horse stuff!
Are you and Jesse still cutting? Will you be able to fit that in there?
I've watched Doug Mills at our horse expo and had the chance to speak with him, he seems like a good guy.
I've always wanted to go to a branding, a little bit to help (but I'm a total rookie so not sure how much help I'd be lol) but mostly to take photos.
OH, and what's a grazing clinic?