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Friday, May 29, 2015

And We Cant Forget Trio

Oh little Trio.  When I went to get them I wasn't even thinking I would get the yearling, I wanted something I could do something with now and not wait.  But she was such a sweetheart I couldn't resist.  So I brought her home thinking I would just halter break her and turn her out with the pasture ponies for the summer.  Well that changed when Chili wasn't as easy as I thought so Trio got put out with Razz and Jessie not halter broke yet cause I needed the smaller pen for Chili.

Well Trio is just such a calm sweet horse.  She likes people, always comes over for petting and just nice.  No crazy antics I expect from a yearling.  Of course she hangs out with the old girls so they don't play much, but even when they got excited cause I took a buddy away she didn't care what they were doing.  Neil's cousin come out one day and she isn't really a horse person, they had one when she was young but that's all but boy did Trio sure like her, it was cute.

The other day I was putting Razz back and of course Trio is right nearby to see what's going on and so I show her the halter, she smells it and no big deal so I put it on her nose she don't care, so I flip the top over her head, again no big deal.  I took it off then, I didn't wanna do it up and have her freak out in a huge pen and drag me all over the place.  But did the same thing the next day and she shook her head and it fell off, no big deal she didn't leave.  I think it won't be long till I can do it up and she will just stay calm.

As I was working with Chili one day I looked over and of course her and Razz were watching and boy I think she is gonna be a big girl, shes almost the same height as Razz, a lot narrower of course, but wow.....not really keen on that, I wanted a smaller horse next but we will see how it goes.

She has some cool markings, her butt is almost like a checkerboard with her tail, won't be the same when its grown out I don't think.

And he mane is striped, got a cute pic when I gave her a treat for the first time last night, it was cute, I think she likes them.

And a face pic, shes got a little bit of white but not much on her face.  And a selfie with her and Razz, lol the wind was blowing my hair all over lol

And not Trio but Chili, todays work, first time Ive tried the feet, not completely successful but close :)


Shirley said...

They are both cute! Chili is coming along good. Put some armor all in that wind knot and pull it apart with your fingers.

Crystal said...

I been using the show sheen gel and got one of them out, working on the other one, its been there a while, they are full of winter fuzz

4RRanch said...

Looks like you have your hands full. Plenty to do this summer but you are off to a good start. Very petty horses.

lisa said...

Sounds like you have a very busy summer ahead of you! I like Shirley's advice. I have a mare that always gets those darn dreadlocks!

Louisa Murch-White said...

What a CUTIE. haha I love that checkered bum. Paint girl, deep down, for sure.