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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yard and Garden

Well this year I again went to the flower sale at Cessford and bought my tons of flowers,  I love that sale cause the prices are reasonable and I know the stuff was grown in this area so it usually survives.  Susan grows all kinds of native plants, I wish I was half as green thumby as her.  I always get tomatoes and marigolds from her and this year some creeping thyme too.  And then Nina I got some new perennial called Kangaroo Apple, supposedly native to New Zealand, grows 5 feet high and 5 feet wide, we'll see if it survives winter here (I'm not so sure but it was cheap and cool looking)  And I got a few others from her.  And the rest of my flowers come from Holly, for my baskets and planters.  I did get a couple weird tomato plants and so we will see how they turn out as well.

I got the garden in mostly a week or so ago, with potatoes on the East, corn on the North, then tomatoes  beside the potatoes, and peppers at the end of their row.  Peas, carrots/radishes and beans beside the corn.  Then a row of marigolds, then onions, more marigolds.  Then pumpkin, squash and beets lastly.   Hope they all come up, I have a lot of thistle out there, I keep digging it out but since it comes back from the roots, I might have to spray it out, wish it woulda come up before I planted.

And I had to include a picture of my favorite tree in full bloom, and the crazy blackbirds who built a nest at the bottom of the maple tree, right behind my garden bench.  Silly birds they coulda built it in the tree and I wouldn't have chased her away when I mowed.

Then the perennial garden, doesn't look like anything from last year survived :(  Not a real surprise as I planted them all at the wrong time and then I never covered them over last winter and we had no snow.  But I was hoping anyways.  Well got new stuff in there now one day it will all survive.  Oh and in the garden along the north fence by my peony I got some sunchokes from my neighbor, I had never heard of them before but she says you can eat them too?  weird.

And the planters, still got the hanging baskets, although i found much prettier ones I may make for next summer. And the green pots, which I planted basil and spearmint in them around the petunias.   And my bicycle and cowboy planters have I dunno what that looks like daisies (I had them last year and asked for the same thing and she knew what I wanted)  And the other plants did something different we will have to see how they turn out and what to get for next year.  Don't have much for vines in my tall planter cause it seems they always get so beat up by the wind.  Might have to make another row on there and put smaller flowers half away up or something.


Country Gal said...

All looking good there ! I have gone to more native perennials for the gardens as well now and trying to spend less on annuals each year . We have built a butterfly and hummer garden as well this year so looking forward to seeing who come to feast . Thanks for sharing , Lovely photos , Have a good week !

Shirley said...

The daisy things are probably osteospermum or osteos for short. That's a cute little donkey and cart planter.