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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Off To School

Yesterday was a big day around here, not so much for me but for Chili.  I had talked to the guy I was gonna take a clinic with and he said the facility canceled it.  Not sure if there wasn't enough people or what but either way was a relief for me since I didn't really wanna go anyways.  But what we decided was I would take Chili there and he would start her and then I could come for some lessons or a clinic later on.  So sounds good to me, be better anyways as we are getting into branding season, first one Tuesday night.  And things would be kinda sporadic for a while and that's not the best.  And strange as things go he had 2 openings this months as he had 2 horses booked in and he couldn't get a hold of them and tried another day and nothing so rather than trying to chase after them he said I could bring her anytime.  So Wednesday was the day.

I got up early and fed and then got the trailer around.  I caught Jessie and tied her up and caught Chili and she was good, only needed one reminder to turn and face me and then she stood really nice to put the halter on.  I backed the trailer in close as I know its only her second time on one and last time I think it was an accident.  I loaded Jess and then went to get Chili.  She was pretty hesitant and after about 20 minutes I decided to just load her in the chute before I run out of patience.  I think she woulda loaded but I didn't want to force her or wait a couple hours.  So to the chute and she just walked up and shes taller than cows lol so she looked over each way and no out and then put her head down and just walked right it.  So much less stress that way.  I went in and told her how good she was and she seemed relaxed cause her buddy was in there too.

Its a long trip over there, took about 2 and half hours and it was raining over there.  Was kinda cold too, almost said chilly lol.  I unloaded her it was no big deal and led her to her pen she got to visit with the blue mares and the walkers.  She called once for Jess and Jess answered and after that she settled in quiet, just looking around.  We talked for a bit, hes gonna start working with her today and eventually ride her out and throw a rope off her, I said mostly a ranch/trail horse.  So far 30 days but we will see how shes doing and might go with 60 days.

On the way home I stopped and visited my Mom and dropped off the tables I made for a neighbor, same as the ones I made for our deck.  Simple but boy are they useful.

Then came home did chores and had a nap and played video games, best way to end an evening when Neils at golf night.


Shirley said...

That's great, hope he does a real good job on her.

fernvalley01 said...

Yay for Chilli! hope it goes well

lisa said...

Great, hope it all goes well!