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Monday, April 14, 2014

Bad Day Turns Out Good

Well Neil is still in the hospital but he is on the mend.  Been 2 weeks now, everyone panics cause its been so long but I would rather him there healing than home sick.

On Friday I rode up with him in the back of an ambulance to Red Deer so they could drain what they thought was a pus pocket.  We got there and they wouldn't let me watch :(  something about using x-rays and ct scans to find it.  But anyways it wasn't pus just a separate pocket of fluid, the same stuff they drained out on last Monday.  They also gave him 2 units of blood on Thursday and that and removing this pocket seemed to make a huge difference.  They left a drain in so it would completely drain out,  and so another attachment, what a pain.  But so far so good hes feeling a lot better, even got bored in there, but hes still weak.  On Thursday there was quite some excitement at 10:30 at night they thought he was showing signs of tuberculosis and so they rushed him into another room and all his furniture and the other guy in his room and did a major disinfecting.  Then they put a sign on his door saying airborne disease must wear mask, gown and gloves in the room.  And he was swelling up so they gave him a water pill to pee every 10 minutes, what a nuisance, he said he didn't get much sleep that night.

But it was a false alarm and everything is back to normal, hes still in a private room and he will be in there until his drain isn't draining anymore and the doctor is sure he wont come back.  He really wanted to get out tomorrow for his birthday but it doesn't sound like its gonna happen.  He even walked all the way to the x-ray and back this morning but was really tired afterwards.  I am glad they are gonna keep him till hes stronger less work for me to take care of him too.

Its been going well here, except this morning I lost a calf in the heifers that maybe coulda been saved if I was more invasive.  I find I would rather wait and let them do it without interfering if at all possible, but in this case I shoulda helped her sooner, but whats done is done I cant fix t now, too bad cause she was such a nice quiet cow but she didn't even turn around to look at her calf, she just walked away from it after we pulled it.  I tried to put one of the twins with her but he just kept climbing through the fence away from her so after about 3 times I gave up on that and just turned her out.  Was a pretty rotten morning, had me wondering if everything was going wrong.  But then had a nap after lunch and rode through the cows and I felt much better.  I am always nervous riding through the cows cause Neil always says they are wild and scared of a horse and I just don't do it very often, so easy to just grab Bob and drive, but I guess it wont get easier/more normal for me unless I do it.  And it was nice, only took about an hour and I didn't even need to wear a coat.  And I saw a calf being born, so all is alright in my world again.

 Although I do want it back to normal again, I don't like this.  It wouldn't be so bad if I never had to spend 4 hours to go see Neil everyday but still would rather it be like it was before.  Although I know when he gets home he will still need help and be weak, they said not 100% till June :(  That seems so long away.  Although as much as I complain I would rather do this than be the one in the hospital.  I think the hardest part is its hard for anyone to understand unless they have gone through this, and the worst of it is we have no family around to help besides Neils dad who has been coming up every couple days to help out.  But seems like everyone else has tones of family around and here I am all alone.


Cindy D. said...

I would come and help if I could. I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I have a tough time when TC goes out of town, which is often. But then my priorities on what really needs to be done change when he is not around. House work goes waaaaaay down the list. LOL

Kids and animals always stay at the top of the list.

I can just imagine how hard it would be having all those cows, and then having to drive to see him every day too. Not the seeing part but the drive.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Wow. If I didn't have my own responsibilities, I'd fly up and help out... not that I know anything about running a cattle ranch, but I have learned a thing or two about nursing people after they get out of the hospital. When my mom was in the hospital, it was hard visiting her daily, but it was a lot harder dragging her up the steps on a rug with her broken leg once she was released. Getting her on and off the toilet when she was too tired or in too much pain to move wasn't any fun either. It was a relief to turn her care over to professionals. It's stressful running a household and having to care for someone who is seriously ill or injured. I hope help comes in the form you need and Neil heals soon.

gowestferalwoman said...

You can do it, Crystal. you are a tough cookie, and made for moments like these - not many people are. Soon neil will be home, and it will work out, one way or another...



Linda said...

Wish we lived a little closer.....we could give you a hand. All the best to Neil.....this isn't a good time to be laying in a hospital!

CDH said...

Hang in there! Things will turn around and life will be back to normal before you know it! And keep riding your horse through the cows, its good for them to get used to being around horses.

lisa said...

He will be home and better before you know it! It sure makes you realize how important our loved ones are and how strong we can be, when we need to be! Thinking of you and lots of hugs!

fernvalley01 said...

man! I wish I was closer I would sure pitch in and help If I could . Hang in there, and don't kick yourself about the calf,it happens

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Aww man, I am sorry things are not good right now. There is never a good time for a farmer/rancher to get sick, but calving season is rough.

I hope Neil is more comfortable at home and at least that driving time is saved.

Hang tough!!