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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wildflowers and Some Not So Wild Flowers

There are a few updates, thanks Linda and CCC for them, I like knowing what I am looking at out there :) This summer there has been so many flowers growing. Some bloom every year and some I'm sure I have never seen before.

This is a Poppy up at the barn where I ride.

This is some kind of Pretty blue flower that is not very clear, sorry

This I'm pretty sure is some kind of weed (CCC says Yarrow)

This is definitely a weed, but I thought it looked cool in the middle of all that tall grass.

This is not really a flower, but a long needled evergreen of some sort

This one is a pretty yellow flower that grows only in the shade

And another pretty purple flower(A Vetch, thanks Linda)

And a Prairie Sage Flower (oops actually a Scarlet Marrow thanks guys)

And a wild rose growing on a very small plant

This was a butterfly on the purple flowers up at Stettler

And lastly are what we call wild bleeding hearts, but I'm sure they have a real name(Linda says they are also called Old Mans Whiskers or Prairie Smoke as well)


Linda said...

The purple ones look like vetch and the sage flower is what I call Scarlet Mallow. Your wild bleeding hearts are also know as old mans' whiskers or prairie smoke. I still haven't seen any roses blooming yet but maybe it's the skeeter bugs that have prevented that;)

CCC said...

Linda's right about the scarlet mallow and the vetch ( from the pea family, a nitrogen fixer), the third one (white flowers) is Yarrow, it has some medicinal uses I think. The last one's believe it or not looks like crocuses long after they have flowered. I've never heard of wild bleeding hearts so I could be wrong on that one.

Your pictures are so much better than any I have taken, wish I could figure out how to do it.

Crystal said...

ya, I looked and its the plant that always grows next to the sage, not the actuall sage plant. The last flowers are tall, at least 12 inches.

fernvalley01 said...

Great shots , it takes a pretty good photographer to make a dandelion puff look pretty!

Shirley said...

Looks like you are having some fun with your camera; blogging seems to bring out the inner photographer in us. The evergreen is a pine tree. Yarrow is very medicinal; make an infusion of it to pour on your horse's feed when it has a cough or cold.It is also a styptic, it stops bleeding. You can use the leaves in washes, salves and poultices for treating burns, boils, open sores, pimples, mosquito bites, earaches, aching backs and legs.
Scarlet Globemallow leaves can chewed or be made into a tea to relieve sore throats and upset stomach.