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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Decisions, for now

Well I emailed about the yearlings and told him I would mention it to some people around here and get back to him in a week or so. I think I wouldn't mind one of them, but I think three is too many.

I am leaving on the trail ride with neighbors tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, and finally phoned the neighbors and asked about borrowing a horse. Noone has an extra cause they already been borrowed, so I was gonna use George (even though we don't get along real well) not asking much besides walking. But then I was talking and decided that it would not be a very hard ride because we are only going about 10 miles and it will be pretty slow with the wagons along and many stops for resting. So I decided that I would bring Bailey, if she starts getting sore, I will get a ride in a wagon and she can just walk along. We are supposed to get there, have steak dinner and stay overnight then in the morning round up the cows and brand, I think I will not roundup with Bailey and they should have lots of help because I have never helped before.

I told the lady with the mustang I am not taking her because she is in central California and that is waaay to far away.

Other than that I have listed my wagon for sale, seeing as I don't have any draft horses anymore and although I would like them at one time again, I think I would like a smaller wagon.


CCC said...

Too bad they are fillies. It would be soo tempting if they were colts (it's only mildly tempting now).

I sure like your wagon. Wish I had a team of Suffolk Punches.

Crystal said...

I could find you some, im sure, seems I have aknack for finding horses, lol

Shirley said...

Looks like you made wise decisions.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds good , too much is ,well just that .Too much

Linda said...

Oooo post a picture of your wagon....please! Trail rides on days like these past few are HIGHLY over-rated. What happened to your littel dun gelding?