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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Much Going On...

Wow is there ever so much going on around here. Wow. its crazy. First of all, I rode Charlene's horse on Sunday and she is really nice, I know Charlene wants to sell her, but she also wants to barrel race her. She was nice and calm and I think she'd make an awesome English horse. Of course I never raced her or nothing, never even loped, but she was so sensitive and willing.

Then I get home and open my email and there is a message from they guy I got Gypsy and Princess from saying he is getting rid of three yearling filly's for cheap cause he has no room for them, did i want them. Well one is Gypsy's from last year and if shes as nice as I remember, I liked her then. and he says there's an even nicer red roan one, I seen them all last fall when we went up there, but I cant really remember. But I am so tempted even though I don't need anymore horses.

Then I am asked a random question from Mustang U about adopting mustangs into Canada. I had mentioned a few years ago I would adopt one, but you cant unless you are in the states, so I wrote on her post and I got a message from someone saying she has a mustang filly to rehome that is allowed to go into Canada.

And our neighbor was planning a small trail ride here on Friday for two days over to their branding corrals where they will brand when we get there. That sounds like so much fun, except I don't have a horse to ride. I guess there are no shortage of horses coming my way, except none I can ride yet. Cant wait till Bailey is feeling better and Dinero is home.

Oh and the babies are sooo cute, they are playing with each other, but when I go out there, they stop to see what I am up to. I wish I had a place I could watch them without them seeing me!

The more I am out with them foals, I sure am liking the nameless sorrel one. He is so adorable and quite a character. They are really getting a personality now. I was thinking of breeding Belle this year to Tangle, because i think it would be an awesome cross, but then I was thinking of waiting till next year when these babies are two i wont have as many to ride besides them, but if I get the yearlings, I will need time next year too, so still not sure what I am gonna do there yet.


fernvalley01 said...

Wow~! lots going on is right! Horses are beating down your door these days girl! I have no advise other than trust your gut .You know what you han handle

Beth said...

Babies babies babies! SO many cute babies!

CCC said...

I have a big fat idea. Call him "Nameless." It could be an Indian name, like "Big Grey Horse."

Shirley said...

It's tough deciding when there are so many good ones. Your babies are looking good.