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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yesterday I took Bailey over to Jardis to ride. I poked around in her leg where she was sore, and she was way better, still a little spot that was sore, but before she didn't even want me to touch her. Her back is still sore in her hip/loin area but that's nothing new and nothing a massage wont fix. So i rode out with Lu and Jessica and we had a pretty good ride and we came back and I was waiting for Jardi to get back to get her opinion on Bailey.

She just came home from a week away at her sisters and two horses had cuts on their legs and she took them to the vet. One is just a skin injury and will be fine, the other well not so sure about him. The owner come out on Wednesday and seen it and said it was fine, she came out on Thursday and said same thing. Its a wire cut on the back of his pastern and it was covered in mud and apparently so deep the vet stuck her whole pinkie in the hole. It has cut the joint capsule and is infected the navicular joint. They have to take him in a lay him down and flush the joint out with antibiotics hoping it will clear up. Not a good prognosis. At least the owner seen it, so she cant completely blame Jardi. I woulda at least taken him out and washed and wrapped it, not good to have and open wound in mud, especially a joint.

Anyways she said the same about Bailey and we didn't massage her cause Jardi was just too tired to. So then Charlene and Justin showed up and they were going on a trail ride, so Jessica rode her other horse with them and Jardi said I should take Sandy. So we went out again and it was a lot nicer ride. Although Sandy has a bad habit of trying to eat grass, but after I got after him a few times, he was really goo the rest of the way back.

Fly is starting to lose his baby hair, so far mostly underneath the back legs, so not sure if he will roan out yet.

Jazz is by far the most friendly, she just walks up to me and sniffs me, its quite cute, she just cant figure out what I am yet, but she soon will. I tried to feed her, but not interested, she just wants to smell me.

Fly really want to check out what I am doing or more likely eat the oats in my pail, but hes not quite sure if he should. So different from Jazz. Notice the oats on his neck from when he tried to eat out of Razzs and she chased him off. lol.

I also told Jardi my decision on not breeding Belle till next year and she said that's fine with her. And I told her about the fillies and she will try to think of someone who wants them. And I haven't heard about when I am gonna go pick up the Dinero, but i was thinking it should be this week, but I have no time now, so I'm okay he hasn't called yet.

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