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Sunday, March 12, 2017

More Info

So now we know dates.  The 20 and 22 they are gonna haul them away and kill them.  Just the reactors and the one traceback cow that didn't react.  One did and one didn't.  The vets even sound like they don't think any have TB but they are just doing what they are told.  And sounds like they are gonna use the meat cause it only affects the lungs....if they have it.  So that's good at least they will be somewhat useful.

And ya we are getting paid decent money for them.  More than you thought Mrs Shoes, we haven't gotten the check yet but we will before the cows come out.  So it will buy back those cows in the fall and we will just run a few less this summer.

And ya, through milk is the easiest way to get TB, that's one of the big reasons they pasteurize, and evry load of milk out of a dairy gets tested and then that's a big issue for dairies but they haven't had a case of TB in milk for a really long time, I used to work at a dairy and we could drink all the raw milk we wanted but only could sell it to people using for animals, such as calves, they are pretty picky about it, kinda annoying but I guess they gotta have rules to protect the stupid.

And as much as I woulda liked to stay home in bed it just isn't a good week for it, after helping Thursday and not feeling great then resting Friday I headed up to Stoney Plain for the tack sale up there,  didn't do as good as last fall cause it seemed like same amount of people but twice as many booths, but I still sold more than I bought so that's always a bonus!

Then last night was out Annual Homestead Coulee $1000 draw dance.  I didn't drink as I am taking cold medications but still ended up visiting till 4 in the morning.  Stupid time change, shoulda been 3 lol.  Oh well today's a rest day for me and then the ponies get a massage Monday when the weather is supposed to be so much nicer, yay!!!

Was kinda funny when I started coughing Wednesday Neil laughs and "says is it TB?" haha then last night a neighbor who helped us all week said "maybe its TB", his wife says "that's mean!"  then I told them Neil suggested the same thing and we all got a good laugh about it.   I said I'm just allergic to winter lol


Mrs Shoes said...

I'm so glad you're getting adequately compensated, because that is not always the case when gov't is involved. For example, quite a number of farms in this province were destroyed by flooding in 2007; many of those places are still under water today, yet the folks who made their lives on those farms have still not been given the compensation they were promised.
I'm not allergic to winter, but it could damn sure end any day & I would be okay with that.

Mrs Shoes said...

p.s. Where does the meat from those culled cows go? Calgary Zoo, maybe?

Sherry Sikstrom said...

sorry I missed you at the tack sale! Glad it isn't your whole herd going!

4RRanch said...

What a headache to deal with but glad you are getting a fair compensation.

With a Western Twist said...

oh man Crystal, just catching up with your blog. That is so terrible, I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I am so glad you are getting decently compensated. The minute i started reading it I had a sick feeling in my stomach about compensation. I didn't want to ask though because sometimes you feel that's a taboo thing to ask, but i'm glad someone did, because it is interesting to know. Compensation aside, STILL the headache of it all is enough to drive anyone insane. I wonder how much compensation will be doled out across Alberta due to culling of TB reactors cows this year?? Must be way up there in the millions upon millions i would bet.