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Thursday, March 2, 2017

What a Pain

So we got a phone call last week from CFIA asking about 2 cows we bought a couple years ago.      Well we still have them and so they made an appointment to come out and see the records and talk. Neil got them both in the other day so they are in the corral, they are not diseased they are quite fat and healthy looking. They came yesterday and spent forever asking about stuff and we are on quarantine now.  It really only affects the cows, horses and cats are free to come and go as we please.  Not sure how long its gonna take but its already a hassle.

They called back today and said they are ready to test either Monday or Wednesday so that's a good thing.  If we have no reactors we are good to go, but if there is then we have even more issues.  No reactors means no quarantine.  I think they will kill the 2 they were looking for anyways cause they want to get rid of the original herd.  But that's better than our whole herd of cows.

We don't keep calves anymore so we don't have calves from them in the herd which saves us some testing.  Although it works kinda hard for them they gotta try and track them down through the auction mart but that's not up to us anymore.

I've had Easy and Jess boarded for the last little while and so they are staying away for now at least till we know more.

***This is all how I understand if not correct I will correct it later***

Well looks like coming out Monday, he said he will bring a crew so we don't even need to get help....I wonder what kind of help his crew will be but I guess we will find out.  For now we wait.


Mrs Shoes said...

I read about this on another AB blog a few months ago at the beginning of this scare - reminded me of the mad cow thing when we still lived in AB.
If they kill your cattle, even if they don't have any reactions, is there any compensation for them Crystal?

Mrs Shoes said...

Crystal, is it bovine TB they're worried about?

Crystal said...

Ya its for bovine TB. And if they kill them they will compensate and it sounds like a reasonable amount. They also will compensate for feed if we have to keep them around while the tests come back. Worst part is we send half our cows to pastures elsewhere so if by April they are not done we have too many cows for the amount of grass we have

TeresaA said...

Oh this is a royal pain for sure! I hope that the tests come back clean.

Shirley said...

So annoying! Hopefully they will test clear.