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Monday, March 20, 2017

Fingers Crossed

Well our first load of reactor cows went out today and the lady who came to make sure they were the right ones said maybe if there are no lesions we may be off quarantine by April 1st!!!  Yay.  I guess that's their year end and they wanna be done by then, so fingers are crossed they are all clean.

And in other news while sitting around in bed for 4 days is a bit boring, more so today when I am feeling a whole lot better but don't wanna do too much yet been looking online for broodmares.  I hate having a single foal so I was gonna buy a mare in foal this fall that was broke to ride as well and they could foal together and if I decide not to breed Jess back then i can use her as a riding horse.  But this time of year so many are coming up that are open and for sale now.  So far found 3 I am contemplating looking at.  Was thinking of probly selling the foal so that's also a consideration unless super nice I would keep it.  Links take you to all breed pedigree so can see breeding in bigger if you want.

First is this pretty mare, she is 17, had been mostly used as a riding horse but her last owner hung on her face something terrible so she bobs her head pretty bad, the lady said its more habit now than anything.  She has had one foal and sounds like shes built like Jessie, very stout lol.  She could come with a breeding to Eye Take Time for a small increase in price.  Foal would be super stake nominated so would probly sell easily.
(the mare)

(her foal)

(her papers, she don't look running bred lol)

Second is another sorrel mare 15 years old, not bred right now either (on purpose)  She was rode by an 11 year old but not since they had her, but they have hopped on bareback a few times and she was good.  She has had one foal as well and I would have to breed her on my own, I was debating on Hesgottabefamous at Sandy ridge cause I really like him and have wanted a foal of his for a long time even though hes a barrel horse lol.  Or else maybe Reys from Heaven probly a better match with her but that again means I would wanna keep it.
(the mare and her papers sorry its small)

(her foal)

(and again the same foal)

(I love him for some reason always have since I seen him like 6 years ago)

And third is an older bay mare, 18, she is closer lol.  Shes been used as a ranch/feedlot horse most of her life and then a broodmare.  She has a few foals, one is a proven rodeo horse even.  Shes cheaper and I would have to breed her on my own as well, not sure who I would breed to yet with her.
(her papers and pics, I haven't gotten a hold of them yet so just what I got from the add so far, and weirdly I know the breeder, she owned the stud of Bailey, small world)

So even though siting here doing nothing I am being productive sorta lol.  So far the second one is my favorite I think but I may have to go see them this week or next depending on when I have time.


TeresaA said...

Hard to tell the conformation of the last one but I really like the chestnut

TeresaA said...

I meant to say the second chestnut! sorry- not enough coffee!